Monday, April 16, 2012

Cap City Hoopfest-Day Three Report

Juan Elmore-Player of the Game

The final day of day of the Cap City Hoopfest featured some very competitive games. The semi-finals in the 6th grade division featured match-ups between All-Ohio Red and the Ohio Hoopsters, and Buckeye Prep versus Ohio Hoopsters. Both games resulted in blowouts, with the Hoopsters winning 51-31, and Excel defeating Buckeye Prep 37-17. Corey Baker led the Hoopsters with 12 points and Excel's Dane Goodwin led his team with 13 points.

The best game of the day pitted a bigger and more athletic Ohio Hoopsters against a scrappy and fundamental Excel. This game was close the entire game, with the Hoopsters maintaining a slight lead through out most of the contest. Early in the first half, big Juan Elmore was having his way in the post as his size advantage was undeniable. Elmore finished the game with a team-high 14 points. Dane Goodwin hit the game's first bucket and would go on to lead his team in scoring. Despite a Valiant effort, the Hoopsters' pressure defense eventually took its toll on Excel, resulting in a 38-31victory and a second championship in as many weeks for the Hoopsters.

Dane Goodwin-6th Grader-Upper Arlington

One of the things I'm most impressed with about the Hoopsters is their balanced scoring from game to game, as there seems to be different standout player every game. In the championship game it was the post play of Elmore and the guard play of Ty Wiley. Clearly, Dane Goodwin was the man for excel as he finished with a game-high 18 points. It's evident by the way he played this weekend that Goodwin's father is a college basketball coach (Capital) and has taught his kid how to play the game, as his skill set is advanced for his age. One of the top point guards over the weekend was Upper Arlington' s Matt Alloco. Only a 5th grader, Alloca has a special talent. I don't think I have ever seen a kid so young be as verbal with his teammates as Alloca was. That's not all, the kid is tough as nails, has a tight handle, a high basketball IQ and is poised beyond his years.

Tre' Charles-Martin-8th Grader Groveport

In the 7th grade division, Devin Howard's All-Ohio Red squad held off a feisty OYSP team. In the championship game, Toledo's Brett Lauf was his spectacular self as he led his team to the tournament championship. The Ohio Hoopsters/Cardinal's 7th grade team played up in the 8th grade division and still got it done. The seventh graders defeated Ohio Hoopsters Holliman 60-45. Dylan Dupler led all scorers with 19 points, followed by Garcia Dixon with 15 points. Corey Benten led his team with 14 points, followed by Tre' Charles-Martin who added 10 points. Martin, a 5'10 SG from Groveport Middle School, has good length, athleticism, and looks to be a good looking prospect going forward.

Day 3 Pictures

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