Monday, April 5, 2010

Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament Final Results

From all of the positive feedback received about the event, the 6th Annual Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament enjoyed another year of success. Despite the fact that Easter fell on the 1st weekend in April (the traditional weekend of the tournament), over 60 teams made their way to Columbus for this annual event. Not only were their a number of talented teams from the Buckeye Sate, but Michigan and West Virgina sent some of their best teams to participate in the tournament. This year there were 7 divisions from 5th-6th grades. Below are the final results including the champions, runner-ups, all-tournament teams and MVPs: 1th Grade Division: Champion-All-Ohio Force. Runner-ups- All-Ohio White. All-Tournament Team-Rob Davis, Jamarie Mills, Damon Powell, Chancey Orr. MVP-Rafel Carter. 10th Grade Division: Champion-All-Ohio Purple. Runner-ups-All-Ohio Gold. All-Tournament Team-Matt Bingaya, Matt Rhodes, Dwayne Stanford, Jalen Lowe. MVP- Josh Lemons. 9th Grade Division: Team Toledo. Runner-Ups Queen City Prophets. All-Tournament Team-Sterling Gilmore, Joshua Davenport, Denotae Cole, Keith Towbridge. MVP- Clemmeye Owens. 8th Grade Division: Champion-Dorians Pride (Michigan). Runner-ups-All-Ohio Red. All-Tournament Team-Adam Gigax, Airus Moore, Joe Powell, Mike Johnson Jr. MVP-Keyon Addison. 7th Grade Division: Champion-Buckeye Prep. Runner-up-Dayton Salvation Army. All-Tournament Team-D'Mitrik Trice, Corde Donald, Trey Avery, Kevin Fisher. MVP-Chris Moxley. 6th Grade Division: Champion-OBC/No Limit. Runner-Up-Dayton Nets. All-Tournament Team-Eric Allman, Cole Flannagan, Kyle Tomshack & Larneil Nizay. MVP-Michael Ryan. 5th Grade Division: Champion-Dayton Salvation Army. Runner-ups-Showtime Basketball. All-Tournament Team-Tony Boddie, Evan Clayborne, Peyton Young & Chandler Fointno. MVP-Djuan Ford. To see pictures of the event visit the Buckeye Prep Facebook Fan Page. Check out the tournament recap from Ohio High School Hoops.


  1. When will the rankings be updated or come out for middle school?

  2. I plan to watch more game and players this summer before updating the rankings.