Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All-Star Saturday Enjoys Another Great Year

Last Saturday, Richard Crockett's All-Star Saturday event kicked off at the Bruce Howard Recreation Center in Columbus. In addition to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the event featured all-star basketball games in four age/grade divisions (6-8, 9-11, Middle School & High School). By some accounts, this year's series of games were more competitive than in years past. Also of note, for the first time in the event's history, two girls received MVP honors. Madison Greene and Amani Burke (Pictured) were selected as MVPs in the 6-8 and 9-11 divisions, respectively. This is most impressive since both young ladies were playing with the boys at one of the city's most competitive recreation centers. If the Burke name sounds familiar, it should, as Amani's older brother is Northland's Trey Burke, one of the state's top players. Keep an eye on these two young ladies, as they have a bright future in basketball if they continue work hard. Below is a list of the all-star game participants.

6-8 Division: Madison Greene, Gerard Reynolds, Elijah Hairston, Kennedy Taylor, Zion Bangura, Montell Edwards, Fred Wilkes, Percy King, Jesse Prewitt, Raymell Byrd, N'Keeley Elmore, Ja'Mal Buttrum, Xavier Prince, Jordan Horston, Miicah Coleman, Travis Easterley, Richie Young, Seven Harper, Melquan Scott and Chuck Shull. 9-11 Division: Amani Burke, Raylin Jarrett, Adrian Jarrett, Curtis Jones, Elijah Sampson, Jalen Carter-Henley, Tyion Palmore, Juan Elmore, Elijah Burton, Kierra Houston, Jaden Manley, Chandler Browning, Melik Scott, Javon Forester, Kobe Prentiss, Keshawn Moore, D'Anthony Williams, Bryan Battle, Charles Prater, Julan Johnson, Jawaad Jabber, David Brown, Melia Scott and Sean Tyson. Middle School Division: Ronnie Williams, Julian Scott, Brice Bailey, Danny Hummer, JB Bess, Alex Stewart, Darryl Long, Cameron Ball, Manual Powell, William Green, JeMichael Blanton, Jhustice Cornley, Mylan Smith, Austin Taylor, Asante' Patterson, Chris Little, Airius Moore, Nate Jameson and Adam Gigax. High School Division: Isiah Boddy. Anthony Jackson, Damon Powell, DeMarkeo Lyshe, Devon Benson, Garrin tate, Chaester McFadden, Andrew Bendolph, Isaiah Rogers, Rob Brandenburg, Matt Ryan, Buckey Chenault, Desmond Pack, Diallo "Freck" Ford, Cameron Robinson, Doug Thorpe, Dwayne Basemore and Chauncy Orr. To see pictures of the event, visit the Buckeye Prep Facebook Fan Page.

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  1. Just as a observer of the whole tournament, very impressed with the skill level of some of the kids. However very disturbed at the fact some kids play down in grades to accomplish self goals, while they need to get better. Thi sis a issue that tournament advisors and others should look into. If you are in a grade play that grade not down, by age exceptions. All teams have exceptions, but some use this a crutch instead of a tool. Winning mvp in lower grade levels seems pointless, if you do nothing in your correct age bracket.