Sunday, November 4, 2018

Buckeye Prep Stock Risers

Much like stocks trading on the New York Stock Exchange, a player’s basketball stock often ebbs and flows throughout the course of a season, and from season-to-season. In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, while providing broader exposure to the greatest number of players, we have decided to highlight a few players who we believe have the potential to see their stock rise over the course of the upcoming season.  

In terms of our methodology, we have considered several factors in selecting these players. First and foremost, these 64 players are not necessarily the most highly ranked players on our various top player lists, but rather players who have tended to fly a little under our radar; are on the cusp of breaking out, and/or have a chance to break into and/or rise up on our lists.  In addition, they tend to be players who we have not seen very much of, we may have only caught glimpses of during certain events, or heard positive comments about from credible sources.  With that said, some of the players we lis below are well known to us, but still see their stock rise.  Enjoy!

Buckeye Prep Stock Risers

Lawrence Rice-2023
Mason Shrout-2024 
Gwen Jenkins -2024
Brayden Fogal-2026 
JaVaughn Jones -2023 
Demarr Foster-2024 
Kamryan Grant-2025 
Derek Whitfield-2026
 Brandon Rose-2023
Willie Williams-2024 
Kelly Ernest -2023
Mali Pearson-2026 
Josh Jones-2023 
Lee Bruner IV-2024 
 E'moni Finch-2023
Rasheed Reed-2026 
 Tyler Williams-2023
Jarred McCoy-2024 
 Kendall George-2023
 Nate Mile-2026
 Ramone Jones-2023
 Shared Barnes-2024
 Taylor Haynes2024
 Levi Davis-2026
 Anthony Benard-2023
 Durrell Brooks-2024
 Cici Green-2024
 Cantrell Hughes-2026
 Nick Williams-2023
Stewart Hamilton-2024
 Zhieyah Rolack-2024
Athens McCillis-2026
 Najih Wright-2023
Arness Lawson-2024
Ann Hurst-2024
Brayden Fogal-2026 
 LA Hayes-2023
Jahleel Wakeel-2024
Tristen Williams-2026
Treyton Schroeder-2026
  Kellen Smnith-2023
Jaylon Rigdon-2024
Taylor Haynes-2024
Tejuan Barbour-2026
 Kaden Stephens-2023
Jordan Johnson
Sparkle Leigh-2021
Drake Ahrens-2026
Gavin Geisel-2023
Jeremiah Hughes
Sole Williams-2023
Shane Foster-2027
Sam Brown-2023
Karl Burroughs-2025
Gigi Bower-2024
Elijah McCree-2026
Sean Jones-2022
Joseph Boddie-2024
Grace Thomas-2024
Khani Thomas-2026
 Mike Bova-2022
Isaiah Robinson-2024
Madison Greene-2023
Ayden Snuder-2026

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