Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Buckeye Prep Girl's Team Power Rankings

Below is a link to our initial release of our Girl's 2018 Buckeye Prep Power Rankings. Similar to the boys, over the course of the season we will use the following criteria to update our rankings: head to head results; results from common opponents; margin of victory; final placements in tournaments; number of ranked players on a roster; and level of competition played. Unfortunately, many of the top teams in the state fail to play against each other during the season.  This happens for several reasons.  In some cases it’s just fate, as teams lose early in a tournament and just don’t meet, while some teams intentionally avoid playing in some of the better tournaments where that may be forced to play other top teams in the state.  We will monitor that situation and factor it in accordingly. At the end of the day, teams and programs know where the competition is playing! In addition, although we attempted to use historical data from previous seasons, that’s difficult because of the high roster turnovers as players change teams.  Also, in many cases, players grow and get better, which impacts a team’s overall talent level. I 

Because we can’t be present at every event, we must rely on information from a network of coaches and sources around the state.  In order to produce credible updates, we need coaches and parents to send us accurate and unbiased information at the conclusion of weekend tournaments.  To this end, we have produced a “Tournament Results Reporting Form” designed to capture the information we need to update our rankings and produce feature stories for the website.  If we can get coaches and parents to buy in and take the effort to get the information we need, then we can more accurately track both team and individual progress.  This will help insure that  teams and players gets credit for their efforts.  At the end of the day, if your team is not playing in the top events against the top teams, and is not providing us with your team’s results, you can’t complain about where your team is ranked (or not ranked)!

It should go without saying that we have done our best to be fair and accurate with our rankings.  We mean no disrespect to any team with where we have them ranked.  If you feel you have been unfairly ranked, simply enter tournaments where the ranked teams are playing and beat them.   Our initial release is based on what we know at this point and in some case based on a team's raining last season.  As information flows in about who beat who, we will update the information almost daily.  If your team is unranked or under ranked and you have beaten some ranked teams, simply forward that information to us, we will verify it, them update our rankings. Because so many of the top teams will be attending our Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament next week, there could be a shake up in our rankings. We’re excited about this project and we hope it inspires and motivates players, coaches and parents to seek out the highest competition possible and elevate to level of play in the state.  Finally, please feel free to offer your feedback at Buckeyeprep@yahoo.com, and please remember, we put the rankings together as a FUN way for teams to follow the season's progress of Ohio teams.  Let the debate begin!!

2018 Buckeye Prep Power Rankings


  1. just so everyone knows i dont post as anonymous because i stand behind whatever i say. Anyway, i believe the rankings for 7th grade to be very fair to this point.

  2. I think All Ohio, SMAC and maybe even Cincy Finest is better than DLH....but oh well

  3. I'm not sure if these rankings are accurate smakelijk 2020 only plays up in the ninth grade divisions and are winning most of the ninth grade divisions.. and we haven't played any of the other 8th grade teams.. so we can technically berated in the 9th grade bracket

  4. anonymous, this is class of 2023(7th) dude. so you shouldnt be on the list.

    1. my bad, its all grades......:)

  5. All Ohio Humphrey is now Ohio Lady Dream. Please Change