Friday, January 5, 2018

Girls Ohio vs North All Star Games Scheduled

On March 10th, for the first time ever, the Buckeye Prep Report will be hosting the very popular Ohio North vs South All-Star Games for girls in grades 6th - 8th.  Invitations to this prestigious event will soon be distributed to the top girls in each of the above-mentioned classes.  This event is designed to provide a platform to feature the top girls in the state of Ohio based on their geographical residence and graduation class. MVP awards will be presented in each of the 3 games.

Selection for this event is an honor and will provide selected players with the unique opportunity to compete against the best players in the state in their respective classes, as well as exposure from local and national media outlets.  Past participation in this event has represented a springboard to middle school, high school and college success.  In addition, several of the 8th grade players selected for this game may receive invitations to a unique shoe-company sponsored event this spring in Chicago, IL. 

We have been hosting the Ohio North vs South All-Star games on the boys’ side for several years and the event has enjoyed significant success.  The Buckeye Prep Report would like to extend the same benefits and opportunities to the ladies!  Look for additional details in the next few weeks.


  1. Rob Taylor I know it's early but 2025 girls class might be one of the best classes that has came through in a while. All Ohio(formally Cincy Finest) is currently ranked third in the country. Playing in boys National tournaments this winter.

  2. Ma'Kaylia Lute 5'4 pg from Huber Heights, Ohio c/o 2022 (8th grade) will attend Wayne High School. High IQ, athletic, great vision. Avgs 17 ppg for her middle school team. Top 3 player in the Dayton area!!

    1. Can you provide me with contact information for her coach?

    2. Her coach is Brian Dunson and his email address is

  3. Is Columbus part of North or South?