Monday, September 11, 2017

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase All-Stars

8th Grade Top 20 All-Star Game Winners
For most players, parents and coaches, making the all-star game at an elite event Like the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase is the primary goal.  Sometimes elusive, an all-star game selection often fills a player, parent and coach with enormous pride, and for many, helps keep their hoops dreams alive. On the other hand, failure to make the all-star game is often met with disappointment, anger, frustration and suspicion of the process. 

To the players who made the cut this weekend, congratulations, but keep working!  For the players who failed to reach their goals this weekend, I would suggest you keep working as well and use your disappointment as motivation for your next opportunity!  To my parents, I would suggest you not fall into the “blame game,” but rather challenge your child to work harder and to take responsibility for how they faired this past weekend. I think to do anything else only serves as a crutch for your child and could stunt his development and desire to play the game.

As I stated in my opening remarks, making the all-star game at an event like the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase is great, but it’s not the only benefit of attending, and should not be the deciding factor in your overall satisfaction with the event.  Below is a link to the all-star game rosters for the 4 divisions at the event. Highlighted in red are the Top 5 Award winners and MVPs.  Congratulations to all of the players who made the game!

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