Monday, July 24, 2017

All-Ohio Wins Summer Championship

All-Ohio Black-7th Grade Champions Nike Summer Showdown
On Sunday, Oji Sprigins’ All-Ohio Black squad finished 5-0 on their way to the 7th grade championship of the Nike Summer Championships.  On championship Sunday, All-Ohio took out Toledo Ice (60-22), TNBA Shooting Stars (63-60) and Lakeshore (69-59) on their way to the title.  All-Ohio was powered by the play DJ Moore who exploded for 34 points and 14 points in the semi-finals to take down a star studded TNBA Shooting Stars team.  For the event, Moore averaged and impressive 30 points per game.  We’ve not really seen Moore play (may have reclassed from 2021)  but his outstanding play over the weekend suggests we need to pay more attention to him! 

Below are the results of the other divisions:
3rd grade Gold-Above All Athlete
4th grade Gold-All-Ohio Red
5th grade Gold-TAD
5th grade Silver-TNBA
6th grade Gold-Middletown Finest
6th grade Silver-TNBA West
7th grade Gold-All-Ohio Black
7th grade Silver-CIA Bounce
8th grade Gold-Team Renegades Elite
9th grade Silver-Ohio KOTC
9th grade Gold-All-Ohio Elite 
10th grade Gold-All-Ohio Gold
10th grade Silver-?
10th grade Bronze-Hawks Canada
11th grade Gold-Akron Bobcats
11th grade Silver-A Hoops
11th grade Bronze-All-Ohio Black

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  1. Good performance for Moore, but yes, a mature 14 year old in February, who should be going into his freshman year is not as impressive against 13 year olds