Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Buckeye Prep Summer Showcase Promises Competition

It may be smaller in numbers, but when the Buckeye Prep Summer Showcase tips off at Otterbein University on Saturday there should be several juicy match-ups worth watching!  In the 8th grade division, we will finally get a close look at Darryl Peterson’s 4th ranked All-Ohio Phenom Squad.  We’re not sure any team has made as big a jump in the rankings as All-Ohio Phenom has.  We are also excited to get a good look at Kobe Johnson (6’1/PG/Canton), who has cracked the top 10 in our individual rankings and has been the driving force for one of the hottest teams in the state.  In that same division, Extreme Heat Neon and SMAC Akron will have a chance to move up in our rankings.  Also, watch out for Probound Elite, MKU Athletics and All-Ohio Black, all of whom could make some noise.

The 7th grade division should be the most competitive, as there are 4 teams ranked in the top 10 of our Power Rankings.  The 3rd ranked Lima Gators; 4th ranked TNBA Shooting Stars, 5th ranked Dayton Wolves and 10th ranked Dawg Days Basketball are all heading to Columbus for match-ups that will surely answer several questions and impact our rankings.  In addition, the Ohio Hoopsters-Hill (#11), SMAC Akron (#13), All-Ohio Black (#18) and Artic Rush (#20) are all represented in our rankings and have a legitimate chance to make some moves this weekend.  Oh yea, we have to mention to Michigan Prospectors, who are not only one of the top teams in Michigan, but could be the favorite to win the event with a solid roster and excellent coaching.  We can’t wait to see some of these match-ups!

Cecil Benton, Jr., Mike Bova, Cody Head, Kellon Smith, Desh Molton, Dre'Sean Roberts & Automne Allen
We are very excited to get another look at Andre Wheeler’s 5th ranked MWA Elite team who is the clear favorite to take the 6th grade division. MWA’s roster is full of players who are ranked in our individual rankings.  Guys like Desh Molton, Jayvion Moore, Cody Head, Andre Wheeler Jr. and Kellon Smith have all excelled at our elite showcases and will be fun to watch.  We will also get another look at Dre'Sean Roberts and Autaune Allen, both of whom are elite guys in their class. We can’t wait to see the battle of Dayton, which will feature the 6th ranked Dayton Swish and the 7th ranked MVP Dynasty.  Both teams feel they have been under represented in our Power Rankings and are eager to stake a claim as the best 2023 team in the Gem City.  They will get that chance early in pool play!  You can’t sleep on the Shinning Stars, who have a chance to pull a few upsets.  We have not seen them this year, but we know they have talent and are well coached.

All four teams in the 5th grade teams are represented in our Power Rankings.  We are eager to see the 4th ranked TAD, as we’ve heard some good things about them.  Also coming to the event are All-Ohio Phenom (#11), All-Ohio Black (#12) and the Lima Gators (#18).  After this weekend’s results the picture should be clearer in terms of our Power Rankings. 

With a smaller field this weekend we will really get a chance to sit down and take a close look at some kids and teams.  In addition, we should be able to make some decisions relative to our post-season awards as well as participation in the prestigious Ohio North vs South All-Star Games in September.  Stay tuned for our post event report.

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