Monday, December 19, 2016

Duvall Changes Teams for 2017 Season

Adam Duvall-2022 Beavercreek
He may not yet be a household name, but Adam Duvall (6’4/WF/2022/Beavercreek) has a chance to have a breakout season in 2017, with his move from All-Ohio Blue/North Coast Blue Chips to Coach Paul McMillian’s All-Ohio Red squad.  Last season, Duvall was surround by several talented players including Sincere Harris and Trey Dennis, but still managed to average about 12 points per game for Shaw Thigpen’s talented team. We currently have Duvall ranked in our top 20, but as we see him more this season with Red, he has a legitimate shot at cracking the top 10. In addition, Duvall was selected as 3rd Team All-Ohio last season.

We’ve seen Duvall at 2 of our elite showcases, where both times he played his way into all-star games.  In fact, at our spring event last March, not only did Duval get an all-star game nod, he received a Top 5 Award based on his standout performance in that game.  In our post event report after the event, we said this about Duvall: “Adam Duvall (6’1”/PF/Beavercreek) already has impressive length for his age, which combined with a solid skill set, suggests he could be real good down the road.  In fact, we plan to track his progress.”  

With Duvall’s length and ball skills, he is versatile and able to play multiple positions. Although he plays more in the post during the travel team season, he’s a combo guard for his 3-1 Ankeney Middle School team this season. For his size, Duvall has a good handle, runs the floor well, sees the floor and can shoot it.  Duvall is also a good student as evidenced by his 3.8 GPA.  In our opinion, with continued growth and development, Duvall has D-I potential. You can catch Duvall in action at our March 4th Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.


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