Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sumer Showdown Day I Recap

Blanton, Clarke, Magwood, Wise & Yates
Although the numbers were low (by design), the talent level at the Buckeye Prep Summer Showdown was elite. With a majority of the field representing ranked teams and tournament champions, the anticipation for the event was at a high level. The story line of the day involved the upset of #2 ranked NEO Shooting Stars at the hands of the #8th ranked Ohio Bulldogs 58-52.  As they did in 2 earlier games, NEO dug themselves a hole.  This time NEO could not fight back, as the 1-1 Bulldogs, on the strength of excellent guard play from Quan Magwood (5’9”/PG/Columbus/2020) held on to claim the victory.  Magwood played with poise, broke down his defender and made plays for his teammates.  Basically, the dynamic guard was unguardable. Also logging in big time performances were Marcus Johnson (6’2”/WF/Columbus/2020) and Von Cameron Davis (6’2”/PF/Columbus/2020).  Johnson displayed athleticism and the ability to finish consistently at the rim, while Davis has good touch around the basket, finished well and showed signs of face up game.  Also putting in work for the Bulldogs was CJ Anthony (5’10”/SG/Columbus/2020) who excels at scoring the ball, played with poise and has a high motor and Basketball IQ.

In their opening game, NEO Shooting came back against the MVP Dynasty on the strength of a big time performance by Devante Blanton (6’5”/WF/2020/Nordonia) to the tune of 21 points.  Blanton has always been big, but now he’s big and skilled.  Blanton’s size, strength, athleticism and ball skills make him a huge match-up problem.  Because Blanton is a multi-level scorer, he can put up big numbers at any time, as evidenced by his 17-point outburst in the opening game.  Other standout performers for NEO were Grant Huffman (6’2”/SG/2020/Aurora) and Darion Henry (6’5”/PF/2020/Cincinnati). The Rebels finished 2-1 on Saturday and enjoyed solid play from Garvin Clarke (5’9”/PG/Euclid/2020) and Nick Ferguson (6’3”/C/2020/Shaker Heights).  Clarke’s motor and elite skill set at the PG spot makes this team a tough out.  Clarke was easily one of the top 2-3 floor generals in the gym.  Big Nick Ferguson doesn’t jump out of the gym, but he’s a force in the paint in terms of rebounding and finishing shots.  He’s not just a low post scorer; Ferguson consistently stepped out side and drained treys.  In fact, in one game we watched, Ferguson knocked down 4 3-balls. Perhaps his best quality is his IQ and ability to make played down the stretch. Montori Foster Jr. (6’0”/SG/2020/Cleveland) was a pick up for the weekend and paid immediate dividends with his toughness and ability to score the ball.  John Hugley (6’6”/C/2020/Cleveland) arrived to the event late, but went right to work when he got here. Hugley is a big body with good footwork, good hands and a soft touch around the basket.  As his skill level increases, Hugely's stock will soar.  

Walker, Pryor, Abuhamdeh, Henderson & Perie
We were also really impressed with Willieon Yates (5’7”/PG/2020/Dayton), whose quickness; handle, vision and passing skills solidified him as one of the top 3 PGs at the event.  Yates is a pass-first floor general who understands the game and how to create scoring opportunities for his teammates.  Larry Stephens III (5’11”/SG/2020/Springfield) attacks the basket, finishes at a high clip and can shoot it from the perimeter.  R4L was not really on our radar when they arrived, but by the end of day I the Cincinnati-based squad had gained our respect.  Mark Wise (6’1”/combo guard/2020/Cincinnati) is a big part of this team's success. Wise is strong to the basket and finishes at a high rate.  Although he’s at his best using his strong frame and athleticism slashing to the basket, he can knock perimeter shots when left open.  We plan to keep an eye on Nic Smith (6’5”/PF/C/2020/Cincinnati) and Jaheim Thomas (6’5”/PF/C/2020/Cincinnati).  We’ve seen Nic Smith play well in prior events, but Thomas is worth tracking going forward.

There was a lot of talent in the 7th grade division as well with guys like: Brent Walker (6’5”/C/2021/Huber Heights), Alex Williams (5’11”/PG/2021/Xenia), Isaiah May (6’1”/SG/Williamson, WVA), Tae Perie (5’6”/PG/2021/Akron), Randy Harris (6’2”/C/2021/Cleveland), Brian Ottrix (5’3”/PG/2021/Cleveland), Terrell Harvell (5’8”/PF/2021/Cleveland), Keon Henderson (5’6”/PG/2021/Detroit, MI), Sean Fulton (5’7”/SG/Detroit, MI), Jonah Lytle (5’8”/SG/2021/Canton), Darryl Peterson (6’0”/WF/2021/Akron), Omar Abuhamdeh (5’7”/PG/2021/North Royalton), Austin Speed (5’11”/WF/2021/Solon), Peyton Mele (5’11”/PF/2021/Hermitage), Todd Simons (5’10”/WF/Youngstown), Jonah Wilkerson (5’10”/PF/Williamsfield), Reuben Talley (5’2”/combo guard/2021/Youngstown), Aston (6’2”/C/Warren), Jonah Lytle (5’8”/2021/Canton), Jalen Wenger (5’8”/WF/2021/Dalton), Jonah Waag (5’8”/SG/2021/Lyndhurts) and Pierre Brooks (6’1”/PF/2021/ Detroit, MI).

McMillian, Luster, Henderson, Hayes & Campbell-Finch
In the young divisions were also loaded with talent.  The following players were standouts on day I: Paul McMillian (5’8”/PG/2022/Cincinnati), Khalil Luster (4’9”/PG/2022/Lima), Cecil Benton Jr. (5’6”/PG/2022/Lima), Ashton Henderson (5’4”/PG/2022, Detroit, MI), Joey Battista (6’1”/PF/2022/Youngstown), Robert Robinson (6’2”/C/Port Huron, MI), Robbie Cass (5’1”/PG/2022/Cincinnati), Isaiah Johnson (5’3”/PG/2022/Columbus), Devin Taborn (5’0”/SG/2022/Lima), Raymar Pryor (5’11”/WF/2022/Canton), Shhondo Green (6’1”/PF/2022/Cleveland), Daniel Farmer (5’3”PF/2023/Gahanna), Davion Bridges (5’1”/SG/2023/Columbus), LA Hayes (5’2”/PG/2023/Brook Park), Majad Cunningham (4’11”/PG/2023/Columbus), Conner Cravaack (5’5”/C/2023/Cincinnati), Elias Lis (5’2”/SG/2023/Wilmington), Brady Hardwig (4’11”/combo guard/2023/Cincinnati), Antone Allen (5’5”/C/Dayton), Marrmarr Blanton (5’2”/WF/2023/Dayton), Tyron Barnes (5’1”/SG/2022/Springfield), Akeilis Gordon (5’5”/PF/2023/Huber Heights), Dre’sean Roberts (5’4”/SG/2023/Piqua), Isaiah Campbell-Finch (4’9”/PG/2024) and John Mobley Jr.(4’10”/2024/Columbus).


  1. One of the best events for middle school basketball of the year done trully missed out rob Taylor appreciate it and when will the next rank for the class of 2020 come out