Thursday, April 14, 2016

Summer Showdown Tournament of Champions

For the first time ever, the Buckeye Prep Summer Showdown Tournament of Champions will bring together the top teams in Ohio (grades 3-8) under one roof at the same time for ultimate bragging rights.  Participation in this “invitation only” event is limited to teams ranked in our Power Rankings, nationally ranked teams and/or tournament champions.  This exclusive event will be held June 17th-19th at Otterbein University in Columbus and will represent one last opportunity for the state and region’s most elite teams to match-up with the best of the best!  Not only are the best teams coming, but also the top players will be in the gym.

The event will give us one last opportunity to evaluate players before we make selections for our post-season awards. As most of you know by now, Buckeye Prep will be selecting  “All-State Teams,” “Player and Coach of the Year,” an “All-Academic Team” “Team of the Year,” and making selections for the prestigious “Ohio North vs South All-Star Game.”  These awards are “resume builders” and will reward players, coaches and teams for sustained excellence over the course of the season. As you might suspect, the exposure generated by this event will be BIG!

We know a lot you have taken a great interest in our Power Rankings and have questioned why your team is not ranked or why certain teams are ranked above you.  Well, here’s your chance to settle it on the court with the other elite teams! It’s in June when there is very little else going on, and for those teams heading to nationals, what better way to get tuned up?  For those teams who are not planning to go to nationals, this is your “nationals!”  For 3rd and 4th grade teams, how you finish in this event will be reflected in our 2017 pre-season rankings. Come get the early jump on other teams!

No excuses, you know where the best teams will be playing, and there is no need to run out of state or 2 tournaments where you know you can win because all of the top teams are in Columbus.  If you’re eligible to participate and you don’t come, it’s pretty clear you’re not interested in playing the best teams in this state!  Can’t wait!

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  1. Dayton swish 2023 beat MVP dynasty 2023 at the dru Joyce tournament 26-31