Wednesday, December 16, 2015

National Elite Showcase Recap II

Sammy Anderson, Trotwood Madison, Ohio, has been regarded for years as one of the top SG’s in the state.  Sammy continued his all around basketball success at the event.  Sammy has nice ball handling skills and a scoring mentality.  He had 34 points in the opening game of the event and maintained that level of basketball throughout the weekend.

Carter Gray, Arcanum, Ohio, has flown under the radar since grade school, but that is beginning to change.  Carter remains the best scorer for his age and size that we have seen to date.  At 6’2, he has range from just inside 30′ and can pull up off the dribble and with a hand in his face.  We are pleased to see his “attack” to the rim has made huge leaps, and his overall ball handling has as well.  Carter has the potential to be a big time player, and has already begun to draw college interest before his 8th grade season.  He is already dunking the ball and has now scored over 40 in over a half dozen occasions at a high level of competition.

Jordan Howard, Springfield, Ohio has not been seen playing since a 6th grader, nor has he been seen in a highly competitive situation until this weekend.  He has improved nicely since that time, and was an impressive force all weekend.  Jordan is long and plays facing the basket well.  He can put the ball on the floor, or he can distribute it as well.  Jordan has a big upside, and with continued development, he can be a big time player.  The sky is the limit for this kid if he continues to work hard.

Savon O’Neal, Dayton, Ohio, has the rock on a string.  His ball handling skills are off the chart.  Savon has been regarded by many as one of the best point guards in the State for several years.  He is a cold-blooded shooter and scorer that can finish downhill at a high rate of speed.  He will be interesting to see O’Neal grow over the next few years.

Kareem Jett, Richmond, Indiana, had a nice weekend.  Coach Wedlow at Richmond has a real gem headed his way.  Kareem is very comparable to Savon O’Neal, with an aspect of “nastiness” on defense.  He can, will, and does jump the dribble on a regular basis for clean steals and to create breakaway lay ups.  Kareem is not as tall as some, but he makes up for it in his quickness and strength.  Kareem will do great things in high school for the historic Richmond Red Devil program.  We look forward to seeing that develop as well.

Larry Stephens, Springfield, Ohio, is a great all around basketball player with above average athletics and a very high court IQ.  Larry is a tough match-up to have to defend. 

Yousef Selah, Beavercreek, Ohio, is nicely skilled point guard that could surprise a lot of people in two years.  He can score and has a very quick first step going to the hole.  He shoots well, has great vision and is a willing passer.

Ryan DeLong, West Alexandria, Ohio, who at 6’2″, 200lbs, is at his best in a full court game going down hill.  For his size he has outstanding speed with the ball on a string and finished several full court plays beating everyone down the floor for wide-open layups taking less than 5 dribbles.  His length and speed is off the charts for his linebacker frame.

Jalen Minney, Dayton, Ohio, is a lot like DeLong, with maybe a touch better outside shot.  Jalen is a nicely skilled player.

Grant Delk, Arcanum, Ohio, is the best pure big 5 man at the weekend in this age group. Standing 6’4″ and weighing an estimated 230 pounds, he can run the floor with the guards.  He can finish downhill facing the basket and is not clumsy.  Grant is a real competitor.

Allen Lattimore, Dayton, Ohio, has a bright future running the point guard position in the guard-rich Miami Valley.  He is a nice all around player.

Justus Thomas, New Madison, Ohio, has a lot of upside.  Tri-village went 30-0 last year on a historic run to a state title.  They had some kids that could put the ball in the hole.  Thomas will continue that tradition, being the younger brother of a 1000-point scorer in Ms. Shay Thomas.  He is a very versed scorer, and with age, time and maturity, his game will be recognized by many.

KJ Swain, Fairfield, Ohio, is actually a grade younger (2021), but played up all weekend.  KJ has been around the country and has played in some high “blue chip” style camps and his reputation preceded him.  He played very well all weekend against these elite level players above, despite have been at a disadvantage weight wise.  KJ will do big things and make a lot of noise over the next few years.  He made a lot of noise at Duke last summer at their basketball camp, impressing several college coaches from different universities. Swain is already on radars of big time programs.  Good luck to him in his first junior high season.

Others Standouts:

Carter Mims, Dayton Ohio
Caleb Kinney, Parkway, Ohio
Logan Mauer, Springboro, Ohio
TyAren Brown, Dayton, Ohio
Ragan Davis, Dayton, Ohio
Jackson Haynes, Richmond, Indiana
Jaion Vaughn, Dayton Ohio
Gabe Crowe, Richmond, Indiana
Colby Swain

Invitations to the Spring Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase (March 12th) are extended to all of the players featured in this recap.  For an invitation, email us at

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