Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NYBL Announces All-Star Game Rosters

By most accounts, the 3rd season of the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) was another huge success!  Not only did the league almost double in size in terms of the number of teams participating, the level of individual competition was nothing short of amazing.  In order to celebrate the league's abundance of individual talent, while also creating yet another platform for national exposure, the NYBL will again sponsor its very popular NYBL All-Star Weekend.  The event will run in conjunction with the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase and is currently scheduled for September 12th & 13th at Otterbein University in Columbus, Ohio. The event will feature a series of all-star games Saturday morning and early afternoon, followed by the elite showcase late Saturday afternoon. 

In terms of the format, there will again be  "Top 20" and "Top 40" games in each division, including a "NYBL vs The Nation" game. The rosters for Team Nation teams are still very fluid, as we continue to invite/take commitments from other elite players who did not play in the league this year.  In addition, participation in the NYBL All-Star Weekend is open to every player who participated in the league the last 3 seasons, as the weekend includes not just the NYBL all-star games, but participation in the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase as well.  

At the conclusion of the NYBL all-star games, all of the players who participated in the all-star games will be mixed in with the other showcase participants and placed on 10-player teams, where they will play 4 additional games.  During the course of the games, each player will be evaluated and ranked, with the top 2-4   players selected for a final all-star game on Sunday. Below is the initial draft of the rosters as well as an invitation letter and registration forms.  Also below is a link to the event information page where we will post updates and the status of committed players. Last year the event attracted over 500 players and will likely sell again this year.

Players selected for the games have until Sunday, August 9th to register and confirm their intentions to participate in the event.  After this date, spots will be opened up for players selected as reserves. Primarily, the first reserves taken from the list will be those reserves that have already registered and paid for the elite showcase.  Selection to the NYBL All-Star Games is a great honor and will serve has a significant platform for national exposure!

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  1. Rob, thanks for the all-star rosters! Is there anyway to re-release it without the NYBL black background? I can't read some of the names. Thanks for all you do!