Friday, June 12, 2015

NEO National Showcase Returns


  1. Mr. Taylor can you please shed some light on the Buckeye Prep On-Line Junior High School Magazine. I would like to know why is there no coverage on King James Shooting Stars 2021 team. I looked at your 2021 players to watch in that class, 4 of KJSS 2021 players are on that list (Trey Woodyard, Seth Wilson, Jayden Hammed and Damari Martin) three of them you list as possible top 10. This team has had a very good spring and summer, most recently winning the MIT. I have not seen any coverage on this team from your site. I understand on the NYBL side you are promoting the teams that are part of your league. However the best true 12U team in the country is in the state of Ohio and they receive no love from BUCKEYE PREP REPORT, A ON-LINE JUNIOR HIGH MAGAZINE!

    1. Have the coach call me at 614-203-2929 so I can get some information from him.

  2. King James Shooting Stars 2021 is ranked #7 in the Coast 2 Coast Prep national rankings. What's funny is a team King James Beat in the King James Tournament (YBR) is ranked 4 nationally! This is the type stuff that make folks not respect any of these rankings.