Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ohio Teams Excel in NYBL

When Prolific Performance published their NYBL Top Ten Power Rankings yesterday 4 Ohio based teams were recognized.  As most youth basketball fans know by now, in only 3 short years the NYBL has established itself as the most competitive middle school basketball event in the country. With teams from across the country and Canada, if you can make it in the ultra-competitive NYBL you can make it anywhere. The Mid-Ohio Pumas program cracked both the 2020 and 2021 lists, while the Ohio Basketball Club made the 2020 list and Aaron Brown’s Buckeye Prep team made the 2021 cut.  In the 2020 division, the Pumas (8-2) are ranked 5th and the Ohio Basketball Club (7-3) is ranked 10th. Among 6th grade teams, Buckeye Prep (6-4) is ranked 9th and the Pumas (6-4) slid in at 10th.  Congratulations to all of the Ohio teams representing the Buckeye State.


  1. Congrat to all the teams

  2. Where is that anonymous Puma loving, rob, coach brown & prep hater at now? Did u start ur own blog? We Watched to u criticize!! Where's ur update on Richmond? U kno so much? What was thords? What did the pumas & Prep do? Will pumas 2021 go to nationals? States next week!!! Why not? & we loved ur excuse bout Jack just in case!!! Lol. Also the coach said 1 of better teams!!! Not the best!! Re-read!!! Did they lose to another ohio team? I've been hearing!! Want confirmation!

    1. Nothing of what you said above makes ANY sense....did you happen to have a stroke before you wrote it? Maybe you need to do a re-read before you post such jibberish!!

  3. I believe the 2020 OBC team is 8-2. The NYBL standings show them as 7-2 and the schedule doesn't show the score of their final game at Richmond against Garner Road Elliot which was their 10th NYBL game overall. They were 3-2 going into Richmond and went 5-0 on the weekend for a record of 8-2. If I'm not mistaken. Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

  4. its all good. Nobody hate on Rob, or anyone else. A man makes a comment about hes got the top team in the state...fact is, there is still a team out there that they have NEVER touched...NEVER!!