Friday, February 20, 2015

Buckeye Prep Winter Showcase Revised Schedule (2-20-15)

Below is a link to the 2015 Buckeye Prep Winter Showcase (Southwest Ohio).  For additional information, contact Paul McMillan (Event Directer) at 513-487-0551.

Winter Showcase Revised Schedule 


  1. While this event brought out many of the cities talent, The way it is set up is a JOKE. You have the tournament director that has his picks on every team in every age. The inconsistency and how teams were divided was shameful. This was once again proved when his team and boys of his friends automatically made it to the all-star teams. and was placed on teams they have played with the same kids for a period of time. If the person at buckeye prep wants to keep somewhat of a good reputation going forward I would recommend that he gets a fair person to run the events in Cincinnati. Parents and fans in the stands all recognized what was going on. BTW my family member is one of "Pauls" PICKS"" so this is not from a disgruntle parent. I think EVERY child should be given to opportunity to shine not just team fulls of his kids and his friends kids.

  2. Thanks for your feed back. However as the Director, the Allstars games were based on coaches picks and stats that were taken at the table. Not my picks! I strongly disagree agree inconsistent with teams' as all of the games except a few 3rd and 4th grade games were really good games. In any Showcase, there will always be parents and players that feel like their child or friends child was snubbed. That is Wil always be the case. But, trust me, it was done fairly. Numbers don't lie. Again thanks for participating in the event, and keep in mind that this was something that I (Coach Paul) wanted to do for the players in Southwest Ohio. So let's appreciate that I had the idea to bring more exposure to Southwest Ohio. I am always open for suggestions on how we can better serve our kids. Just give me a call. Thanks again, congrats to your son having a great showing. "DE"

  3. Paul lets be real here. Coaches were all your friends, or people you know well or perceived to be friends of yours.teams were not split even. I know for a fact that one team had 6 players and one team had 13 kids. EVERY person in the place observed that. Suggestion, why not have a draft of sorts? That way it does not appear all your teams you coach or friends with their people end up on the same team. I applaud you for wanting to get Cincinnati more exposure, but if this keeps happening people will not want to keep coming.