Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cincinnati League Boasts Talent

Our good friend Lannis Timmons has put his many years of high school basketball experience to good use by starting a local fall basketball league in the talent-rich Cincinnati, OH area.  Although the event was only in its inaugural season, the league attracted about 100 kids by the time the season ended.  Below is a post-event report filed by Timmons.
By most accounts, the inaugural season of the Friars Club Fall League was a huge success this year! September 20th we had 15 kids sign up; September 27th we had 45 kids, and we finished with 100 kids!  We had 2 divisions; 7th- 9th was the college division, and 10th-12th grade was the NBA division.  We had at least 15 kids that are 2 & 3 year starters on their junior varsity teams! Jalen Avery of Shroder is headed to Kent State University. Deon Battle of Shroder is headed to Walsh University. Jordan Bradley of Princeton had to stop playing due to an injury.  Look for the Princeton Vikings under first year Coach Jamal Walker to make a run for the league championship. Coach Walker has some underclassmen that can help him as well.

Juniors Chris Harrington, Tony Cottrell, and watch out for sophomore Justin Newman. Like I said, watch out for the Vikings.  This could also be a good year for the Western Hills Mustangs under new Head Coach James Holland. Coach Holland will be able to play 5 kids with varsity experience. Malik Seldon, is entering his senior year as a starter since his sophomore year. Not to mention Dejuan Sherman...playing football, will make an impact as well. Juniors, Martrell Phillips and Delon Montgomery should help as well. Phillips will have a breakout year; he will surprise you with his ability to shoot the ball. Delon Montgomery is busy as a bee on the glass. Sophomore Evan Walker can make shots in bunches right now. Clark, under new Coach Darrell Parker, also has some returning starters that should help the Cougars make a run for the league title...Kevin Lewis, Mosi Daniels, Torraye Shattuck will have a lot to do with the Cougars' success this year. Lewis is one of the best 3- point shooters in the city. Torraye can go inside or outside, and Daniels is a blue collar worker. 

When you watch the Purcell Cavaliers, keep your eyes on Jordan Gaines, Ladale Donaldson and Payton Smith. These young men will help the Cavaliers make a state run under new Coach Scott Kerr. Gaines will amaze you with his all-around play. Jordan can knock down the 3, as well as his ability to create off the dribble. Coach Kerr will be counting on Payton Smith to run the point, while Donaldson will stay on the glass. Third year coach Steve Gentry from Shroder should also have a lot of positive moments from returning starters Datalion Battle and Jalen Avery who are probably the best guard combination in the City. Xenia Christian has 2 kids who we will definitely know about in Robert Slaven and Josh Sotlar. These young fellows can shoot the ball from anywhere, and both have a good feel for the game. Caleb Tregue (Walnut Hills); Carlik Jones (Aiken); Noah Harris (St. Bernard); and Alex Johnson (home school) should have some college coaches showing them some interest soon.

In the college division (grades 7th- 9th), we saw some young kids display the skills of a high school varsity player. Raymown Johnson (Walnut Hills) could be playing varsity by tournament time. Raymown can go inside and outside. Deairius Randle (NCH) will make new Head Coach Shannon Minor know he has something in the oven with his 7th grade class. Coach Fleming at Lasalle will be quite pleased with 7th graders Shawn Ealy, Tyler Murray and Quinn Ealy. Shawn is one clever ballplayer. He can shoot, defend and run the point. Quinn will rebound, run the court, and finish around the basket. Tyler is a 'beast' around the basket with a nice mid-range jumper.   Donny Stock (St. Xavier) gets a lot done around the basket and can go on the perimeter and knock down the 3 and the mid-range jumper as well. I look for Donny to be part of Coach Scott Martin's plans down the road. 

Like I said earlier, Western Hills has talent. Freshman Jeremiah Snorton was in the Top 10 in the college division with his all-around hustle. I really liked Myron Williams of Sycamore too. Myron has a great feel for the game of basketball. When you see him play, you'll see he's 'battle tested.' Williams performs well around the basket, in transition and facing up to the basket. A complete player. D'Shawnti Hawkins and Tywonn White (Shroder) will let Coach Steve Gentry know he has a bright future with these two young men. Hawkins sees plays before they happen. D'Shawnti can shoot the 3 with some consistency as well. I look for him to be one of the top point guards in the state by his senior year. Mr. White can shoot it and defend.

Eighth graders, Alex Dotson (SCPA), Elijah Washam (St. Bernard), Jeremiah Flowers, Terry Evans (Bethany) and Kevin Singleton (Dater) had some good moments too. Dotson has a presence around the basket, and the ability to take you off the dribble, while Alex is still growing. Washam reminds me of Chris Mullins with his left hand jumper and Court Savvy. Jeremiah Flowers plays smart and will mix it up with anyone.  Terry Evans (Bethany) also makes shots and defends. Kevin Singleton will make it hard for his opponents with his ability to move the scoreboard. Watch out for freshmen Anthony Garrett (Milford) and Robert Grice (St. Bernard), as these 2 young men showed a lot of excitement.  I truly appreciate Corey Albertson (Prep Sports Ohio), Robert Taylor (Buckeye Prep Report) and John Stovall Nike, and (ESPN) for their support of the Inaugural Friars Club Fall League. Finally,  thanks again to the parents, referees, kids, workers and coaches who helped make this league a success!

Report Written by Lannis & Annie Timmons 


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