Monday, July 28, 2014

RNB Classic Brings Out the Stars

Like most large urban communities, Columbus has its fair share of charity basketball events.  On Saturday, Leon Rogers and his Rogers Neighborhood Organization (RNB) hosted the 8th Annual RNB Classic at East High School. Judging by the standing room only crowd that packed into the gym, Rogers’ event continues to grow from year after year. With major sponsors like the Columbus Dispatch, WBNS TV, Care Source, Radio One, Lifesaver, the Trey Burke Foundation and Team Sully, the event was able to deliver its powerful message of non violence and peace in the community, while bringing in quality entertainment like the Western Stars Drill Team to help entertain the crowd.

Although the celebrity basketball game is the main attraction, with notable NBA and European talent like Trey Burke, Jered Sullinger, John Diebler, Sconnie Penn, Terrence Dials and Estabon Weaver  returning to central Ohio to lend support for this very worthwhile event, the RNB Classic also includes a highly competitive 3-on-3 basketball tournament for middle school-aged players.  The 3-on-3 tournament annually attracts some of Columbus’ top young players in grades 4th-8th.  Some of the standout players we saw included: Sean Jones (Affiliated), Josiah Harris (Affiliated), Jalon Sullenger (Team Sully) Jayden Lipscome (Westport), Azaan Daniels (Buckeye Prep), Patrick Daniels (Buckeye Prep),  Jeremiah Francias (Westport), Jerome Hunter (J-Time), Bob Faller (Next Level), Gabe Towns (Next Level) and Tahleik Walker.  Not only did the RNB Classic provide the central Ohio community with a great day of basketball, the event raised  a lot of money for local charity. Congratulations to Leon Rogers, his family, staff and sponsors for organizing such a fantastic community event. Below are results for all 5 divisions.

Final Results

John Faller,  Gabe Towns, Gary Elder & Bob Faller 
8th Grade

Next Level-Champions

Jeremiah Francis, Jayden Lipscome, Keshawn Heard & JaJuan Rogers
7th Grade

Only The Family-Runner-ups

Fred Wilks, Marquise Moore, Kyle Tolbert & Demeatric Crenshaw
6th Grade

Treymendus Ballers-Champions
Dem Boys-Runner-Ups

Jalen Sullenger, Jaiden Guice, & Ian Schupp Dougherty 
5th Grade

Team Sully-Champions

Kollin Tolbert,  John Mobley, Josiah Harris & Sean Jones
4th Grade

Team Extreme-Runner-Ups


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