Saturday, May 10, 2014

NYBL Session #2 Recap Two

B. Sanders, D. Hudson, A. Hale, JC Tharington, KJ Thorn, C. Jernigan, G. Baker, M. Christmas
Since we published our initial Session #2 recap a few days ago we have had the opportunity to go back and review the scorebooks in order to identify additional individual standout performances. The books reflect several players who really had big time performances in a few games. Also, we attempted to identify players who were more “under the radar” and who deserve more exposure for their play in Atlanta. One such player is Joe Jones who runs with Upstate Elite.  We don’t remember him from Session #1, but his play in Atlanta was big time. In games vs D-Wade Future Stars and TNBC, Jones dropped 22 and 21 points, respectively.

The Ohio Basketball Club went 2-3 in Atlanta, but Alfonse Hale put up some big numbers over the weekend. He went for 28 points against the Arkansas Soldierz, then added another 21 points against DC United. His teammate, Raytez Roberts joined him with 19 points in the Arkansas game.  DC Assault’s Fred Crowell hit the Charlotte Rivals for 27 points in a loosing effort. Team Takeover’s Terrance Williams did the heavy lifting for his squad, scoring 24 points versus D-Wade and 16 points against the Reach Higher King.

The 6th Man Warriors finished 3-2 In Session #2, but LeVar Allen had a big game against Team United, to the tune of 22 points. Teammate Malik Anderson had 21 points in the same game, and went for another 19 points versus D-Wade. Not to be undone, Jamier Garrett went for 20 points against D-Wade as well. Everybody is talking about BJ Mack, but Team United’s point guard is a key piece to that puzzle. JC Tharington not only handled his PG duties well, his point production may have led his team. He dropped 21 points on the 6th Man Warriors, and 14 points on Team Rio.

The leading scorer for Session #2 was Brampton’s Rowan Barrett Jr., who unloaded 32 points against Texas Express Elite and another 24 points on the Arkansas Soldierz. Balsa Koprovica gets most of the ink for the retooled Team Florida, and he should based on the 27 points he hit the Reach Higher Kings with, 19 points against D-Wade and the 17 points he laid on Carolina Chaos, but the real workhorse was Bryan Sanders. Sanders consistently had double digit scoring, including 19 points versus the Charlotte Rivals, 18 points against Chaos, and 13 points against the Reach Higher Kings.

Charlotte’s Myles Pierre had another solid session in Atlanta, and so far, it’s clear he is a major factor in his team’s success (6-4 over all). Pierre exploded for 27 points against Memphis and 17 points against Academy Prep Hawks. Any discussion about Butler Elite eventually ends up with Noble Days; however, Demonta Hudson was the man in Atlanta, leading his team in scoring. Hudson finished with 16 points against Arkansas, and 19 points against Team Power. Teammate Quinn Cafferty added 16 points versus Arkansas.

Other members of the “20 point club” include DC Assault’s Dominic Neely who went for 20 points in a game; Malik Tolbert who finished with 20 points against the Lexington Hustle; KJ Thorn (Arkansas Soldierz) who hit Central Florida Elite for 20 points, Ohio Hoopster’s Gavin Baker who had 20 points against Future Phenoms; Chaz Gwyn finished with 22 points against Memphis; Evan Johnson’s 21 points versus Team Florida; Malik Tolbert (Central Florida) who finished with 20 points in a game, and Diablo Stewart (Lexington Hustle), who went for 20 points in a game.

Other standout performances included:

Chris Hinton (Reach Higher Kings) 18 points vs Academy Prep Hawks
Shaathon Walker (DC United) 18 points vs OBC
Kobe Langley (Team CP3) 18 points vs 6th Man Warriors
Chris Harris (Texas Express Elite) 18 points vs Riverside Flyers
Tyron Lott (Upstate Warriors) 18 points vs Carolina Chaos
Tanner Holden (Riverside Flyers) 18 points vs Future Phenoms
Eric Beckett (Northern Kings) 18 points vs Future Phenoms
BJ Mack (Team United) 17 points vs Memphis
Keyown Warfield (Enplay Elite) 17 points vs Ohio Hoopsters
AJ Bennett (Ohio Hoopsters) 17 points vs Enplay Elite
Juwan Gary (S.C. Hornets) 17 points vs Memphis and 17 points vs Upstate Elite
Nickelberry (Team CP3) 17 points vs Academy Prep Hawks
Tyler Brelsford (Team Takeover) 17 points vs Carolina Chaos
Anthony Edwards (TNBC) 17 points vs Academy Prep Hawks
Michael Christmas (Academy Prep Hoops) 17 points vs Team CP3
Jordan Beckett (DC Assault) 16 points in a game.
Jeremiah Keene (Ohio Hoopsters) 16 points vs DC United
Carston Kogelnik (Team Takeover) 16 points vs D-Wade
Emmanuel Adrloyin (Central Florida Elite) 16 points vs Future Phenoms
Daquan Berry (Northern Kings) 16 points vs Arkansas Soldierz
Brian Antoine (Team Rio) 16 points vs Team CP3
Marcus Bigsby (Future Phenoms) 16 points vs DC Assault
Colby Rodgers (D-Wade) 15 points vs Upstate Warriors