Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All-Ohio Sits Atop NYBL Rankings

All-Ohio Red (2019) # 1 Ranked Team
All-Ohio Red (7th grade) was ranked #1 to start the 2013 NYBL season and went on to win the championship in the inaugural season of the elite league. Fast forward to 2014 and All-Ohio is again ranked as the NYBL’s top team. With the addition of Sidney’s Andre Gordon, All-Ohio finished 5-0 in Session #1 in Washington D.C. Because the second year league is more loaded with talent than last year, All-Ohio will be challenged more than ever and will have to work hard to retain the top spot. The CP3 All-Stars, South Carolina Hornets and Texas Express Elite all have a legitimate chance to unseat Red over the course of the next 3 sessions.

Ohio Basketball Club Ranked 24th
Of the 32 teams listed in the rankings, the Ohio Basketball Club and Ohio Hoopsters are ranked 24th and 26th, respectively. All-Ohio will return to NYBL action when the league resumes play in Atlanta, Georgia on May 3rd. Rankings for the 6th grade division will be released by the league sometime this weekend, and the lone Ohio representative, the Mansfield Cavs, are likely to ranked in the middle of the pack after a surprising and competitive showing in Session #1. Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Was in attendance at the first session of the NYBL in DC and I was very pleased with the level of talent and the level of play. Saw all of the top teams and I feel like Team Rio National is better than their #5 ranking. Also it is surprising that people are kinda overlooking CP3 since they've gotten an early loss, but those guys are still national champions! The Hornets are good, but will only go as far as their big guy takes them, backcourt is not as strong as some of the bigger backcourts of other teams. But AOR, that team is a whole other discussion. Saw them lose to Prep at Nationals last summer to ruin their bid for a title, but these guys play like they're still pissed from last year's letdown. This year's version of AOR is handsdown the best 7th grade team playing ball right now. The depth on their team is staggering, they are literally 10 players strong. When the buzzer sounds and the subs come in, an additional 5 starters come in the game for Red! Extremely entertaining to see these guys go! Good luck to all the programs and teams! Interesting to see who will be the last man standing in Columbus!