Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lawrence Funderburke to Speak at BP Elite Showcase

Lawrence Funderburke

Diehard Buckeye basketball fans are well aware of the impact Lawrence Funderburke made on the Ohio State basketball program in the early 1990s. As a three-time All Big Ten performer, Funderburke teamed up with OSU great Jimmy Jackson and helped lead the Buckeyes to a Big Ten Championship in 1992. After 3 years at Ohio State, where he would later graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Business Finance degree, Funderburke took his talents to the NBA after he was drafted in the second round by the Sacramento Kings. Prior to suiting up for the Kings, Funderburke played 3 years of professional basketball in Greece. Funderburke retired in 2005 and later authored 2 books titled Hook Me Up, Playa! and The Triangle Formula of Success, that detailed some of the pitfalls of what Funderburke described as the “limelight.” In addition, in 2000, Funderburke and his lovely wife Monya founded the Lawrence Funderburke Youth Organization (LFYO) which is dedicated to helping at risk youth, by “Changing Legacies, Not Just Lives.”

The Buckeye Prep Report is pleased to announce that Funderburke will be providing his considerable insight to the participants at the spring Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase scheduled for March 1st & 2nd. Having experienced many up and downs as a child growing up in extreme poverty in the Sullivant Gardens housing projects and during his own collegiate and NBA careers, Funderburke’s success story is a must hear for aspiring young basketball players. Not only will Funderburke be serving as the key note speaker, he will be sharing his considerable basketball-related experience as a coach to a lucky team of players during the showcase.

Now residing in Columbus, with his wife and 2 children, Funderburke is not only busy running his foundation, he is also providing individual basketball training using the same offseason regiment he used while preparing for the NBA. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Funderburke and observe one of his workouts up close and personal. During the 2-hour workout, Funderburke and his good friend Art Lowe, ran 2 young players though a series of dynamic drills that worked on multiple skills at 1 time, while emphasizing a holistic approach toward training. “I train kids exactly the way I trained in the off season while I was in the NBA,” said Funderburke. “I believe in the holistic approach; I don’t it dumb it down [training],” continued Funderburke. In addition to the numerous ball handling and foot work drills Funderburke employed during the workout. There was also a lot of attention paid towards strength, conditioning, maintaining good balance and shooting, all designed to increase athletic development and endurance.

Unique to Funderburke’s “FunderMax Training” is the emphasis he places on scouting his trainees. Specifically, a couple of times during their training program, Funderburke will pay a visit to AAU or school games and actually observe a player’s performance during the games in order to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and to better tailor an individual training program. His scouting sessions chart stats like field goals attempted and made, free throws made and attempted, assists, turnovers, rebounds, steals, blocks, hustle plays, work ethic, athletic ability, talent level for grade, court awareness, includes a shot chart and several other factors. In addition to the scouting, Funderburke also pays attention to his player’s nutritional needs and provides spring water and energy bars after each workout. Finally, Funderburke’s workouts are high-energy, fun, and he caps that all off with regular feedback to parents about their child’s progress. Based on the feedback I received from 1 parent, Funderburke’s approach has really played a factor in his son’s development. Funderburke relies on referrals to select who he trains, but if anyone is interested in his program, he can be reached info@LFYO.org.

In our effort to help players reach their goals and dreams, the Buckeye Prep Report is pleased to partner with Lawrence Funderburke for the elite showcase!

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