Sunday, August 18, 2013

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Shaping up Nicely

Below is an email I sent out to everybody on our bulk email list with updates on the September 21st & 22nd elite showcase. If you have  a son or player who intends to attend the event please make sure you read the email. Also, the event is shaping up to be our biggest and most competitive ever! People will be talking about this event for many years! If your are not in the house, you will truly be missing something special. Remember I warned you!!

Parents & Coaches,

Below is a link to my preliminary commitment list and showcase updates.  As it reflects, if every player on the list were to register and show up, the event would now be SOLD OUT. However, everybody listed on the committed list has not paid and/or sent in their registration forms; consequently, they are not listed on the event’s “official/paid list,” and will not be placed on a roster when I begin that process next week. By next week I will begin preparing to put together the final showcase rosters and ordering jerseys. I cannot place a player on a roster or order a jersey for any player who has not paid the registration fee and sent in the forms, nor can I hold a roster spot if the entry fees have not been paid. After I have received 380 paid registrations, and the rosters are set, I can't add any additional players based on the size of the facility. Also, because of “no shows” the day of the event, I can't turn down anybody who is prepared to pay the fee now.  Therefore, it is “first come first served” for the remaining spots. Since the deadline has passed, if I get a call today and the parent can pay the registration fee using Pay Pal, I will bump someone listed on the committed list and give them a spot. Also, there will be no "walk ups" additions, as the event will be sold out. YOU MUST ACT NOW to get you son/player in this event! We must have registration forms and entry fees for every player without exception!

In addition, several parents have paid the registration fee using the Pay Pal link in the upper right hand corner of the website, but they have not yet sent in the registration forms.  Consequently, their kid's name has not been added to the official list.  If you have paid the fee that way, I need to match the payment with your child's name, so I need the completed registration forms ASAP! Some of you are going to be upset with me when your son is not listed on a roster, but in order to keep things organized, everything needs to be wrapped up prior to the event.

Enough about the administrative matters; the showcase is really shaping up to be special! In fact, this will be our biggest and most competitive showcase in the history of Buckeye Prep! The talent that will be in the gym will be something truly special! In addition, new features are being added weekly to help make this a fantastic event. Right now, we are considering adding a 2-hour recruiting workshop for parents on Saturday morning. The workshop would begin around 11:00am and run until about 1:00pm. Although the presenter ordinarily charges parents $75 apiece to attend his workshops, Buckeye Prep would absorb the cost of bringing him in as part of the event if the interest is there and parents will come in early Saturday morning to attend. Please send feedback to so we know the level of interest for the workshop.

Please continue to visit the website for showcase updates, as I will be updating the above link as things occur. I hope to have the rosters and schedule posted 2 weeks prior to the events, but that will be dictated by the parent's prompt responses to my requests. The Ohio North vs South, Ohio vs Indiana/Kentucky and other Saturday all-star game rosters are just about completed and will be posted within the next 2 weeks.  If your child is not committed to the event, or the registration forms and fees are not paid soon, they cannot participate in the all-star games. As always, please help pass the word to those parents and players who might not have internet access so everybody has the opportunity to participate. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. Thanks for your time!



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