Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NYBL All-Star Game Rosters Released

When the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) was developed 2 basic promises were made. First, we promised a high level of competition. We think we delivered on that promise as evidenced by the fact that of the top 8 finishers at the recent 6th grade AAU Nationals, 7 of the teams played in the NYBL, including 3 of the Final 4 teams as well as the eventual national champion. Secondly, we promised a high level of exposure. Over the course of the NYBL, numerous stories and features have been written highlighting the standout performers from session to session. In an effort to further showcase the significant amount of talent the NYBL was fortunate to amass, the league decided to host a NBA-styled all-star game to close out the inaugural season.

To this end, the best talent that the NYBL has to offer will be on full display in Columbus, Ohio on September 21st when the ball is tipped on the inaugural NYBL All-Star game. More specifically, there will be 2 all-star games which will feature the league’s top 40 players. The “Top 20” game is the more prestigious of the 2 games and will feature the league’s top 20 players.  Because there was so much talent in the NYBL, 1 all-star game would not do the league justice.  Therefore, the “Top 40” game will feature the league’s next best 20 players.  Make no mistake, those next 20 players can ball, and could have very easily made the top game.

In terms of the selection process, at the conclusion of each of the league’s 3 sessions, top performers lists were developed which contained the top 40 performers for that particular session. From there, the players on the list were broken down by position and where they were selected on the list (i.e., 1st team, 2nd team etc). As a further example, players that appeared more frequently on the top performer lists and/or were selected as 1st and 2nd teamers were selected for the “Top 20” game.

The 2 NYBL all-star games will be played on Saturday, September 21st in conjunction with the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, and will part of a slate of all-star games that will include Ohio North vs South games in grades 7th -11th, and 8th grade “Ohio vs Indiana” and “Ohio vs Kentucky” games. In addition to their participation in the NYBL all-star games, the players will be afforded the opportunity to participate in the elite showcase where they will compete against other players from across the country that did not necessarily play in the NYBL. As part of the showcase, players will play 4 additional games and could possibly be selected for a final showcase all-star game late Sunday afternoon.

Awards will be given out for MVPs for all of the all-star games and exposure opportunities will be maximized. In fact, within the next couple of days we will be releasing individual player profiles for each player selected for the game. Below are links to the all-star selections as well as the session by session top performer lists.


  1. WOW, how was that roster picked??? Players from the same team split up and placed on two seperate teams in an ALL-STAR game. REALLY??? You should never use words "EAST/WEST" if your not going to attempt to live up to the geographical locations. Maybe try names like "RED/BLUE" maybe. People like myself when I see you placed a player from a certain team on the "West" team I expect to see his teammates there also not them on the opposing coast. You never seen Michael Jordan on the "EAST"then Scottie Pippen on the "WEST". This will surely be a GREAT ALL-STAR EXHIBITION but I'm just confused with the names of the teams and how team members was split up. Can someone please explain or give your educated opinion????

  2. First, the league does not have enough teams from the west to have a true "West" team. Secondly, the name of the team matters very little. Thirdly, it's ok for teammates to compete against each other. We wanted competitive balance in terms of talent and were less concerned if players came from the same team. We attempted to build each team based on position (2 per team) with the idea of balance. At the end of the day, the game is about the kids getting recognition for their talent and hard work and just having fun. There’s no need for negativity to creep into the situation. Just let the kids play the game!!

  3. Mr.Taylor this was just a question no intentions for any negativity, only a mere question sir!!! I have no dog in the fight, I was just wondering how it was done that's all. I support all the teams and all the players and I'm pretty sure that when others looked at the teams they thought the same thing. I am going to enjoy watching and cheering for this event because it will not lack excitement. Thank you for your hard work and giving these kids a platform to show their talent.

  4. im confused about the whole thing! my son has not played for the league, but is going to the september session. there will be an allstar game the day he gets there before he even plays the way it sounds. i tried to explain this to him and he said 'so what i just wana go!!!!' so im sure this will be very fun for us! and after his comment, who cares whats what lol. its a prestigeous event, he loves the game, and apparently is not thinking about any of the details, he just wants to play and appreciates the opportunity. all of these young soon to be men are blessed to have these tyes of opportunities to build character, self esteem, listening skill, and learn to compete with pride, self awareness, and the spirit of humility. thanks to all who are involved in making this happen!!!