Friday, May 10, 2013

NYBL Session II Standout Performers

Standout Performers:

#23 Jordan Mitchell 6'3 (Ohio Select, 2019)
Mitchell is a long, wiry combo guard that can score from multiple levels. He showed continued progress with his long range jumper with both better form and balance that has resulted in higher shooting percentages. Mitchell is terrific off the bounce with an ability to breakdown his defender and live in the lane. He rebounds very well from the guard position but will need to continue to get stronger and work on the ability to finish with his left hand in traffic to take his game to the next level.

#6 Myles Pierre 6'0 (Metrolina Havoc, 2019)
Pierre is a strong bodied combo guard that is at his best when attacking in transition. He possesses a unique ability for a 6th grader, to slice the defense with his elite handles as defenders bounce off of his large frame on the way to the rim. Pierre can easily finish through contact and doesn't mind posting a smaller guard on the block when the mismatch is there. He doesn't always trust his jumper but does have excellent form, gets great lift, and finishes with a high release. Pierre needs to continue to work on being a vocal leader and work on a mid-range jumper as his opponents continue to get stronger and faster and he's unable to get all the way to the rim.

#34 Chris Hinton 6'2 (Southern Stampede, 2019)
There's two things you can't teach in basketball, size and athleticism, and Chris Hinton has both of these. At 6'2", a big frame to put plenty of bulk on, and projections to be 6'10, Hinton is a terrific future prospect. This big man has stellar footwork and great hands to catch any pass that comes his way. He has plenty of go to moves in the post and a soft baby hook with both hands that is unblockable. Hinton has range on hisjump shot out to 13' and can even put the ball on the floor for 2-3 dribbles to attack the basket from the high post. He will need to continue to work on developing a consistent left hand and defending without fouling on the defensive end.

#33 Tommy Bruner 6'0 (SC Hornets, 2019)
Bruner is a jet in the open court and does a terrific job of changing paces and changing gears to elude his defenders. Bruner has the whole package when it comes to finishing around the rim: Floaters, left/ right hand finish, and a stop on the dime pull up jumper. Long range shooting is not his strength and he lacks proper form and lift to make consistent jumpers at this point in his young career. He is a defensive nightmare for opposing teams as he uses his strength and quickness to overpower players for timely turnovers. Bruner needs to continue to develop his handles going left as well as extending the range on his jumper with proper form.

#30 Wendell Moore 6'0 (Carolina Preps, 2019)
Moore is an absolute man-child with fast twitch muscles that make him explosive around the basket and in the open floor. There are few players in the 2019 class that can match his athleticism and pogo-stick like leaping ability. Moore is a little loose with his handles but stays low and is very explosive out of his moves. He can pull up and make the mid-range shot on a consistent basis but his efficiency goes way down beyond the three point line. He is an elite rebounder from the wing position and finishes multiple "And 1" second chance opportunities through contact. Moore wears multiple hats as he is also one of the top defenders in the NYBL with great close out speed and anticipation for steals on any cross-court passes.

Best of the Rest:

#2 Chaz Gwyn 5'10 (Carolina Preps, 2019)
#24 Kobe Langley 5'9 (Carolina Preps, 2019)
#6 Chris'Seon Stringer 6' (Ohio Select, 2019)
#30 Jeremiah Francis 5'9 (Ohio Select, 2019)
#42 Scottie Lewis 6'3 (Garden City All-Stars, 2019)
#32 Jamal King 6'1 (Carolina Chaos, 2019)
#6 De'Vion Harmon 5'7 (Deron Williams Elite, 2019)
#21 Jordan McKoy 5'10 (Team Izod, 2019)
#3 Levar Allen 5'9 (6th man Warriors, 2019)
#33 Triston Miller 6'3 (Metrolina Havoc, 2019)
#6 Keyshaun Langley 5'7 (Carolina Preps, 2019)
#6 Juwon Garrett 6'2 (SC Hornets, 2019)

Evaluations Courtesy of Mike Drum and