Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Birth Opens Season with Championship

Jerome Francis III- Averaged a triple double

 Scott Bradley’s 6th grade New Birth Warriors squad got off to a great start to their winter basketball season with a championship run at Kingdom Sports Center’s Thanksgiving Classic in south Dayton last weekend.

According to Coach Bradley, the Warriors fought back a hard charging Lakota Pride squad to claim a 47-40 victory in the championship game. Although New Birth raced out to a 15 point lead, foul trouble forced Jordan Mitchell to the bench. While Mitchell was out, a Joey Edmonds led Lakota made a serious run. Despite the heroic effort by Edmonds and the Lakota bigs, New Birth held on for the win.

Jaiden Lipscomb-Scoring leader w/ 16.5 ppg

In the semi-finals, the Warriors defeated the Dayton Swish for the second time in the tournament with an easy 57-19 victory. Because he averaged a triple double over 4 games, Pickerington’s Jerome Francis III was the tournament’s unofficial MVP. The Warriors were led in scoring by Jaiden Lipscomb (16.5 ppg), Jordan Mitchell (16.2 ppg) and Francis (13 ppg). Congrats to Coach Bradley and the Warriors on their victory.


  1. The Coach from Lakota feels Jack Davin wouldve made a difference,Jack has potential but in no way would he have gave Mitchell ANY problems TOO athletic

  2. Who cares? Why "load up" with an AAU team during the regular basketball season and then play mostly community school based teams? Egos are unreal. Why not have these kids play in their own town or community (school based team) and play against each other? They would get a lot more out of doing that than being an all star type team that just beats up on inferior competition. Not sure what is being accomplished with this.

  3. You care bc you made a comment...Jealously kils

  4. I just don't think it's some great accomplishment to put together some of "the best" kids in the city of columbus and throughout all of central ohio and then beat up on local community based teams. Do that in the AAU season - on the circuit. Not in the regular basketball season. Play with your town or community now with all the kids that will be together in middle school and high school. Then in the spring and summer the AAU teams can get together and do their thing at that point. So it isn't a jealously thing at all. Actually what I'm saying is a total logical thing. In my humble opinion, of course.