Friday, October 5, 2012

Buckeye Prep Report 2018 Top 30 Player List

Coryon Rice-5'8 SG Bedford

As I have done with previous classes, below is a link to the Buckeye Prep 2018 Top 30 Player list.  Although I have been sitting on the list for several months, I was able to complete some evaluations at my elite showcase 2 weekends ago.  Since a majority of the elite 7th graders participated in the event, I had the opportunity to see most of them go head-to-ahead in the same setting.

Although there do not appear to be a lot of bigs in this class so far, the class is blessed with several quality guards. Right now, those guards include Jerry Higgins, Sincere Carry, Kane Cooper, DeShan Parker, Brian Miller Jr., Ty Wiley and Chase Rankin. The class has several solid shooting guards including: Coryon Rice, Yael Hill, Seth Goodson, Paul “PJ” Jones, Derrick Veasley and Isaiah Payton. The top wings include: Dwayne Cohill Jr., Antwuan Johnson, Cory Davis, Greyson Green, Cooper Crawford, Dane Goodwin, David Fitzgerald, Davis Madison, TK Robinson and Kristian Pachec. The bigs are: Ernest Williams, Juan Elmore, Jordan Coovert, Terry Durham, Jackson See, Isaiah Speelman and Jack Cravaak.

As I always say, it’s still very early in the game for these kids, and there are many more kids who have not yet been discovered.  Also, my rankings do not represent predication of future success. Some of the kids listed will not continue to grow, will not continue to work to develop their games and will be caught and passed by kids reaching puberty and kids with a solid work ethic. These rankings are just a snapshot in time and will be updated from month-to-month, as new players are discovered. If you made the list, I would suggest you continue to work on your game, as there will players who will be motivated by the fact their names are not listed.

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  1. next year ya'll should invite these 2 kids from new philadelphia they're 8th graders this year. names are Jelani Walker a 5'3 guard with great handles a good deep three shooter and defender also a good defender. and Tyler McQueen a 5'8 forward or guard who is really really strong and good in the post. C'mon yall should check these guys out. They real. I seen them play before