Monday, September 10, 2012

Ohio North vs South & Ohio vs Michigan Rosters

Below is a link to the rosters for the Ohio North vs South and Ohio vs Michigan Challenge games. As previously posted, these game will be played on Saturday from 11:00am until about 6:00pm. The following is the criteria we used to select the team: 1) the player must be registered for the event; 2) a player should already be listed as one of Buckeye Prep's Top 30 players; 3) we tried to select as many top 20 players who had registered for the showcase; 4) the player was selected to one of the Buckeye Prep All-State Teams; 5) participation/success in prior Buckeye Prep events; 6) competitive balance (team); and 7) the best players available.

The games will be played under Ohio High School Athletic Association rules, and will consist of four 6 minutes quarters with a stop and go clock. The games will be announced and stats will be kept and published after each game.  Several of the games will be broadcast live on Two MVPs per game (winning and loosing team) will be selected and will receive an award. Players and coaches will need to arrive at least 1 hour before each game to register, meet with the team, and take photographs. Players are required to wear solid black shorts.

Finally, each player listed must email Rob Taylor at: by 5:00pm this Friday to confirm their participation in the showcase. If we don't hear from a parent or coach, the player will be replaced with an alternate. The rosters are tentative and subject to change. The challenge games will offer a significant amount of exposure, as there will only be one game played at a time, and the scouting services and coaches will be paying special attention to the games. Please feel free to post your comments below.

Rosters & Schedule


  1. Rob just askn how marcus barton is not playn in the north south game.

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    2. There are only 2 PG positions for all of southern Ohio. Based on the published criteria, Freeman-Parks and Peaks met most of the criteria, and seemed to be the best choices at the time. Know knock on Barton; I like him, but those to PGs seemed the best option of the kids entered into the showcase. I know there is much debate about the teams, but when the positions are limited, it's a tough ticket.

  2. Very impressive for Kings to have three players on the 8th grade south team. Ive heard they some other elite players. Just wandering Rob, but is there a better school team out there than Kings?