Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ohio 6th Graders Off to a Good Start at Nationals

Ohio has 4 representatives at the D-I 6th grade AAU Nationals in Hampton, VA. this week and all 4 teams are off to a good start. The Pickerington Wildcats, King James Shooting Stars, SMAC U and Murphy AC are all headed to championship bracket play with 2-1 pool play finishes.

The Wildcats defeated D Squad (41-18) in their opening game; lost to the Broward Co Cougars (63-49), then beat the Charlotte Rivals 52-30. Allen Henderson’s squad will face New Renaissance tomorrow at 1:00pm.

King James got out of the gates quickly with wins over the Garden City All-stars (60-47), and Team Felton (68-49). King James would finish pool play with a 56-44 loss to the Gulf Coast Blue Chips. The Shooting Stars will face the Running Rebels at 11:40am tomorrow morning.

SMAC U started slow and was downed by Indiana’s George Hill 54-37 in their opening game, but bounced back with 2 wins against Atlanta Worldwide (56-39) and the Alexandria Titans (63-50). SMAC U will square off against Caveman Carmody at 10:20am.

Murphy AC dropped their opening contest against Izod/Sports U (65-44), but regained their footing with victories over Team Sneed (forfeit) and Illinois Gold Rush Wildcats (51-35). Coach Kevin Jackson’s team will open championship bracket play at 9:00am against the Texas Celtics.


  1. Correction: All Ohio Elite actually smashed the LA Sports Academy team in the Sweet Sixteen, and then went on to take a loss to the Dunk Dog LA Select team in the Elite 8. AOE then went on to beat Team WITTS for a chance at 5th or 6th place. Over the years, the core of AOE has won two national championships, and has placed 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and most recently 6th. The only year they did not place in the top 10 was the year they beat the nationals champs in Pool Play. What an impressive resume!

  2. 5th grade nationals concluded last week and I don't see any writeups on any Ohio teams D-I or D-II. I know AOP finished 9th but you don't have any pics or anything. Dayton Salvation Army finished 5th in D-II and no info, pics or nothing! Can't do Ohio's most talented class like this Rob.....we need features on how Ohio's 5th grade did at nationals!

  3. There were 7 Ohio teams all together that went to 5th grade nationals.....3 D-I and 4 was the defending champion.......come on Rob, highlights please!

  4. If someone can email me the coaches names and email addresses for Salvation Army and Riverside I will make some calls and try to put something together. Also send good team pictures if you have them. Send to

  5. SMAC U defeated the Lauderdale Lyons by 10 to advance to the Sweet 16. They will face nationally-ranked DC Assault to go to the Elite 8.

  6. Why don't some of you leave rob alone and give him sometime cause you know what cause this is his website plus he also has a family of his own and this is not an easy job. One day some of you guys need to sit down and think about could I do this and I'm pretty sure the answer would be NO! So leave Rob alone and let him make changes when he feels like it. So rob congratulations you are one of the best at this and I can't believe you can do high school and elementary at the same time that is just amazing and everyone is thinking about their self's and not how hard this is SO I APPLAUD YOU.