Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ohio Kids Excel at National Camp

Derrick Daniels-6'7 PF/C Dayton

The John Lucas basketball camp has become one of the most elite middle school camps in the country.  In fact, an invitation to the elite camp is a tough ticket to come by, and is reserved for only the most elite players in their respective states. A couple of weeks ago, Ohio had a couple of representatives at the camp who made some noise and represented Ohio very well. Derrick Daniels, a 6'7 PF/C from Dayton, was ranked as the #4 PF in the camp.  In addition, The Hoopscoop's Clark Francis ranked Daniels #23 overall at the camp. Although he is more productive defensively at this point in his development, Daniels is bouncy with loads of athleticism, and is widely considered one of the top 1 or 2 big men in the state in his class. Checkout the Daniels' video.

Rodrick Caldwell-5'9 PG Dayton

Rodrick Caldwell was ranked as the #4 PG by Basketball Spotlight, was mentioned as a player to watch by The Hoopscoop, and is easily one of the top 3 floor generals in the state. Right now, Caldwell's best attribute is his ability to run a team and to get others involved in the game. Both Daniels and Caldwell are well know to Buckeye Prep as each player has excelled at our events. In addition, both players should get ample attention from D-I college coaches. Congratulations to both players for repping the Buckeye State!

Basketball Spotlight Camp Rankings

Xavier Simpson-PG Lima

It should be noted, Lima's Xavier Simpson also attended the Lucas Camp and was ranked 48th overall by The Hoop Scoop. I'm not sure any kid has attended as many Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase as has Simpson, and he has logged in all-star-caliber performance at every event. Each time we have seen him, Simpson has continued to get better. At this point, he is clearly one of the elite PGs in the class, and his leadership on the floor sets him apart from other lead guards in the state.


  1. Do you think Keith Griffen from Shaker Heights should be in the conversation between Xavier Simpson Roderick Caldwell and the other top gaurds in the state you might want to check Keith Griffen out 8th grader playing varsity next year for shaker and play for DB Hoops Jackson 8th garde team

    1. Saw him play against Caldwell in the king james tourney and he is definitely in the conversation...has some serious handles

  2. Not sure he is "between" Simpson and Caldwell, but I have heard some good things about him. I would love to see him at my September elite showcase where he has a chance to go head-to-head with both guys!

  3. You check out Michigans 2016 class they are loaded with talent. The top 3 big men in the state are Joshua Jackson, Algevon Eichelberger, and Kelvon Fuller. The top three guards are Billy Thomas, Cassius Winston and Marlo Brown. Out of these sixth exciting players I have only seen Billy Thomas and Alegvon Eichelberger play. These two players are definetly top 50 prospects in there class. Alegvon is a post player but he has developed his jump shot tremendously. Algevon can get anywhere in te post. Alegvon does need to work on defence and his passing. Billy Thomas is something special. He is supposed to be in the Seventh Grade and still dominates the class. Billy has a deadly jumpshot and he is a floor general when the game is close. Billy will go to D2 nationals with judges court club basketball and D1 with The Family Detroit. Billy will be at the scouts focus all American camp, the Adidas phenom camp, future 150 camp, jr elite hoops showcase, hoop group camp in August, and fab frosh camp. Billy will be going to the Adidas super 64 with team spotlight. Alegvon will be going to the U of D basketball camp and the fab frosh camp. He will be going to d1 nationals with Dorian's pride.

  4. top guards in the state right now,Rob you might want to take notes-Roderick Caldwell 5'9,Keith Griffin 5'10,Gicari Tillman 6'1,Xavier Simpson 5'9

    Tillman and Griffin have a handle on another level.

  5. Who's better,Tillman or Griffin.Anybody know what AAU teams they're on,if so hit me up.I'm scouting the both of them.

  6. I use to see Gicari Tillman at the BNBA.He's a 13 year old 8th grader starting varsity next year.He has some stupid handle for a kid.

  7. Is Keith Griffin running the 1 for shaker next season anyone know.

  8. I hear Jacari Tillman is running the 1 next season for Shaw I think.He has to be,I saw him hooping over there last summer.Check him out,dude nice.
    Not too many Freshman shining on a varsity squad.

  9. Watch Ronald Jones at Beachwood High as a freshman he will be nice.

  10. What was Ronald Jones 8th grade stat line and what position is he playing at Beachwood.

  11. Caught Tillman at Glenville Rec running the High Schoolers out the gym,it was hilarious.On one play he crossed a cat came down the lane and tried to bang!The gym was on shake.He just turned 14 and he's out here.All the hype is real.He been ready for varsity.