Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fab Frosh Camp Invitees

Clay Dade's Fab Frosh Camp is one of the most elite youth basketball events in the country. In September, Clay attended the Fall Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase and identified several players he wanted to extend invitations to. Although he did not make it back to the spring showcase, he asked for feedback, and has extended additional invitations for his Fab Frosh Camp to the players listed below.  The camp is currently scheduled for June 29th thru July 1st and will be held at the Suwanee Sports Academy in Atlanta, GA. For more information about the camp, visit the Fab Frosh website or email  Clay at:  or


Rodrick Caldwell-Dayton
Derek Daniels-Dayton
Derek Funderburk-Bedford Heights
Ashon Riggins-Cincinnati
Trevell Beck-Cleveland
Xavier Simpson-Lima
Willie Jackson-Cleveland
Jalani Rogers-Westerville
Chris Hedgepeth-Evansville, IN
Trey Landers-Dayton
Terrance Landers-Lima
Jeremy Larkin-Fairfield
Ryan Custenborder-West Carrolton
Andre Hawes Jr.-Miamisburg
Anthony Christian-Akron
Brandon Peters-Cleveland
David Barnett-Springfield
William Maynus II-Westerville
Andrew Homer-Loveland
Teddy Hughes-Akron
Mitch Peterson-Richfield
Algevon Eichelberger (MI)
Ronald Jones Jr.-Cleveland
Cassius Winston (MI)
Jarron Cumberland-Cincinnati
Phillip Dozier-Dayton

Since Clay may not have up to date information on all of the above players, if your name appears on this list and you are interested in attending the camp, contact Clay as soon as possible.


  1. One player invited from Central Ohio? Doesn't seem right does it?

  2. Seth Towns was invited and he is from Central Ohio but isn't on the list above.

  3. Terrance Landers is from Dayton not Lima

  4. Brandon Peters is going to the 10th.What School is he at.

  5. Were Tillman and Griffin invited,I think they're rising Freshman.