Monday, February 27, 2012

Nike All-Ohio Winter League-Look In

I had a chance to take in some of the action at the All-Ohio Nike Winter League on Saturday, and a couple of players caught my eye. The most productive player of the day was DJ Tyree, a 5’9 8th grader from Columbus. It was clear from Tyree’s play on Saturday  that the extra work he is getting in with his trainer, Anthony Rhodman, is paying off big. Not only has Tyree stretched out a bit since we saw him last, he is clearly stronger and more aggressive to the cup. Tyree not only shot the ball well, he did a good job with finding guys for jump shots and layups.

DJ Tyree-5'9 Guard

In the last showcase game against a pickup team from Springfield, Tyree teamed up with Jalani Rogers, 5’4 PG from Westerville.  It should be noted that both Tyree and Rogers are listed among Buckeye Prep’s top 30 8th graders in the state. The best thing Rogers did on Saturday was create for his teammates with penetration and precision passing. Although he did not finish at a high rate, Roger’s superior handle allowed him to create space for a shot, or beat his man of the bounce for a drive and dish. I also liked Kalib Younger, a 6’2 PF from Columbus. Although Younger is still a little raw, he is strong, aggressive and handles the ball pretty good for his size. Younger attacked the basket with a vengeance all day long.

Jalani Rogers-5'4 PG Westerville

Despite the backcourt power of the Nike Winter League team, they proved to be no match for the Springfield squad, who would headed south with a convincing 69-36 win over the Columbus based team. The standouts for Springfield included David Barnett, a tough as nails PF who finished everything he shot around the bucket; Jeremiah Ward, a 6’1 WF and Jordan Bailey, a super quick PG from Northridge Middle School in Springfield. A couple other kids caught my eye, but I will have to make a return trip to catch their names. 



  1. is there a new "top player" list coming soon?

  2. Dj Tyree a 5'9" point guard