Tuesday, January 31, 2012

East vs West All-Star Game Preview

East vs West Qualifying Camp

Modeled after the prestigious McDonalds All-American Game, Toi Baylor’s East vs. West All-Star games provide very talented middle school aged basketball players with an opportunity to compete at a high level and against some of the top 4th-8th grade players from around the country. According to Toi Baylor, Executive Director of Baylor Youth Foundation (BYF), the All-Star Games will feature the top 100 amateur players from across the country. The first year event is currently scheduled for March 3rd at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana.

Participants in the event hail from 9 different states, and as far away as California. To qualify for the event players had to excel at the East vs. West Qualifying Camp which was held in Chicago the weekend of November 5-6, 2011. Of the roughly 93 players scheduled to attend the event, only 2 will represent Ohio. Ben and Peyton Harris, 5th & 6th graders, respectively, will be the lone Buckeyes at the event. To increase participation at next year’s event, Baylor intends to increase the number of regional qualifying camps. In addition, Buckeye Prep will partner with BYF to insure greater participation of Ohio kids next year.

In terms of the format, there will be an all-star game in each of the 5 grade divisions from 4th-8th grades, starting with the 4th grade game at 3:00pm and finishing with the 8th grade game at 9:00pm. Some of the event’s other features include a red carpet and an interview segment as part of the ceremony, as well as recognition for all honor roll student athletes.

As a little background on Baylor’s organization, the Baylor Youth Foundation (BYF) was founded in 2001 and has as its mission to create a nurturing environment and to foster character-building skills through recreational and educational enrichment activities. Toi Baylor has been hosting AAU and NCAA events for over 8 years and is highly respected in youth athletics in the Hoosier State. To learn more about the East vs. West All-Star Game or other BYF-sponsored events, visit her website at the links below.

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