Friday, July 15, 2011

Rozier Talks Recruitment

Terry Rozier

Coming off a solid performance at the Nike Skills Academy in Akron last week, as well as his stellar play at the Peach Jam this week (averaged a team-high 17 points), Shaker Heights’ Terry Rozier’s stock is on the rise. I sat down with  Rozier this week to get some more details about his recruitment.  According to the smooth and explosive point guard, he has offers from Miami (FL), Georgia, Cincinnati, Wyoming, Dayton, Marshall, Cleveland State, Kent State and Akron.  In addition to actual offers, Rozier is receiving serious interest from Illinois, Tennessee and Boston College.  So far, Rozier has taken unofficial visits to Cleveland State, Kent State and Akron; with plans to visit Cincinnati in the next 2 weeks, and Georgia and Illinois soon after.  Rozier indicated that Cleveland State and his “hometown schools” have recruited him the hardest. When asked about his favorites, Rozier has not yet formalized a list.

 In terms of what he is looking for in a college, “relationship with the coach,” and “family atmosphere” are most important to Rozier. Distance from home may or may not play a factor in Rozier’s decision, as there is a “50/50 chance” he will attend a program in his home state.   In terms of his Nike Skills Academy experience, Rozier indicated the academy “helped build my confidence by playing against the top players in the country and for top coaches.”  That experience apparently paid off, as Rozier was easily the top performer for his All-Ohio Red team at Nike’s Peach Jam this week.  Rozier relentlessly attacked the cup and finished throughout the event, and with his “never say die” attitude he led his team in scoring with a 17 point average. 

When asked about his experience this summer, Rozier mentioned he is enjoying his run with All-Ohio Red, and is “getting more comfortable with his teammates and coaches."  Quinton Rogers, Rozier’s AAU coach, describes Rozier as “competitive and athletic,” and notes that he, “can finish over bigs and can shoot it.” Rogers also believes Rozier, “will be a very good college guard, and if he gets stronger, I can see him as a possible guard at the pro level.”  

Rozier is looking forward to the upcoming high school season, and he likes his Shaker Height’s team’s chances of at least making a regional semi-final appearance.  Before his team can make the kind of run he envisions, Rozier knows he will have to step up and take more of a leadership role on his team.  “I need to be more of a leader and push my teammates more to work harder,” said Rozier.  Rozier expects to make his college decision prior to his high school season. Because of possible summer school obligations, Rozier may not make the trip to Orlando later this month.

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