Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Day at Spiece for Ohio Teams

All-Ohio Red U-16 Division Champions

I will start with the bad news. As if playing 4 games on Saturday was not enough, day three at the Bill Hensley Run-N-Slam All-Star Classic is even more demanding, as the competition just keeps getting thicker, not to mention that 3 more games required to win the tournament. All-Ohio Red’s U-17 squad found out just how tough Sunday in Fort Wayne can be, when they ran into a juiced up Indiana Elite/Team Indiana in quarter-final action. So far this spring All-Ohio has been notorious for slow starts. This time, they could not overcome the 20+ point deficit they found themselves in by the end of the first half (42-23 at the half). Indiana Elite came out with all guns a blazing, as they hit Red in the mouth right from the whistle. Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell was the main culprit, as he shredded the All-Ohio defense to the tune of 26 points. Red simply could not keep Ferrell out of the lane, or from scoring off of the high screen and roll. It wasn’t just Ferrell, super athletic Ron Patterson was almost as equally impressive (19 points). Patterson is explosive, strong and can really score the ball. When I say explosive; people are still talking about his “posteration” of Kenny Kaminski! Not only can Patterson score, be he can defend as well.

Despite their slow start, All-Ohio did finally switched gears, and actually cut the lead to single digits late in the 4th quarter. In fact, All-Ohio outscored Elite 24-15 in the 4th quarter. Northland’s Jordan Potts created the initial spark as he attacked the basket and finished or was fouled. Soon after, Terry Rozier joined the party and did pretty much anything he wanted from there. Both Potts and Rozier led All-Ohio with 17 points. However, at the end of the day, All-Ohio had to expend too much energy to get back in the game, they ran out of time, and headed home early with a disappointing 77-66 loss. Kenny Kaminski finished with 13 points and Elijah Macon added 8 markers.

Things did not go much better for All-Ohio Purple, who went down hard against the Michigan Mustangs 60-71 in an elite eight game. Adoplhus Washington was the leading scores, but performance was not enough to get the win. Indiana's DJ Valentine led all scorers with 20 points, followed by J. Hawkins (17) and Butler commit Chris Harrison-Docks (9).

Now for some good news! In the U-16 division, Team CBIZ, All-Ohio Red and All-Ohio Varsity made up 3 of the 4 teams in the final four. Team CBIZ may have pulled of one of the biggest upsets of the weekend with their 47-37 shocker over the Mac Irvin Fire. This game was no fluke; CIBZ simply outplayed Mac Irvin the entire contest. In fact, at halftime, CIBZ was up 22-13, and then would hold off a late-charging Fire team. Evan Bradds logged in another big time performance with a game-high 21 points. In their final four match-up against Meanstreets, another Chicago-based team, Team CBIZ continued their solid play into the first 2 quarters, as they were leading at halftime 26-25. However, Meanstreets would take the lead, and go on to advance to the championship game with a 43-53 win.  Bradds paced CBIZ with 16 points, followed by Toledo St. Johns' Austin Gardner (11) and Bloom Carroll's Isaac McGlone (11).

Evan Bradds-2013

One of the biggest games of the tournament pitted in-state rivals, All-Ohio Red against All-Ohio Varsity. This game represented a rubber match of sorts, as the two teams finsihed 2-2 last year. The match up is so intriguing because Red is supposed to be the top team in the state, with their roster of highly rated prospects; while All-Ohio Varsity is made up of less heralded journey men who have to scrap and claw for everything they get. Propelled by the outstanding play of Westerville North’s Jack Gibbs Jr. (13 points in the 1st half); early in the game it looked like All-Ohio Varsity was on thier way to a defining victory.  However, when Randell Clarkson Jr. was knocked out of the game with a concussion late in the 3rd quarter, and Jack Gibbs Jr. fouled out in with about 3 minuites left in the 4th quarter, Varsity’s fortunes started to turn. Sparked by a scoring barrage by Keon Johnson (16 points), as well as the gritty and physical play of Toledo Whitmer's Nigel Hayes (9 points) and Cincinnati Aikens' Austin Grimes, Ohio Varsity actually held the lead until a Jordan Lauf (9 points) trey with 56 seconds left in the game put them ahead. All-Ohio Red would go on to complete the comeback and advance to the championship game with a 78-72. Jack Gibbs Jr. led all scorers with a gaudy 26 points, including 6 treys, followed by Gahanna's Aaron Jackson (11), Brookhaven's Randall Clarkson Jr. (9), Northland's Jaylen Benton (8), Reynoldsburg's Wendell Davis (6) and Lima Senior's  Deontray Martin (6).

All-Ohio Red would go on to claim the U-16 title with a convincing 81-65 win over Meanstreets. In that game, Ohio State pledge Marc Loving bounced back from a sub par semi-final to finish with an impressive 19-point effort. Nigel Hayes continued his solid play with 16 points.

Marc Loving-2013

In quarter final action, As was the case with All-Ohio’s 17s the night before, George Howard’s All-Ohio Red U-15 squad knocked out another Chicago area team, with a 64-48 beat down to the Mac Irvin Fire. In that Game, Shaker Height freshman Rosel Hurley, a 6’3 WF, had a breakout game, as he dropped 22 big ones on the Fire. This is the first time I really had a chance to see Hurley play, and I left impressed with his athleticism and skill set.

Rosel Hurley-2014

In their semi-final game, All-Ohio Red held off a scrappy Wisconsin Running Rebels team to punch their ticket to the championship game. Although Red enjoyed a comfortable lead early, the Running Rebels fought their way back into the game, and actually had a chance to win it with their last possession. By the time the score board showed zeros, All-Ohio Red was ahead 70-69. The driving force in that win was Louisville, Kentucky’s D’Angleo Russell. Already a nationally ranked PG, Russell has big time potential written all over him. At about 6’3, Russell has good size for his position, is super smooth with the rock, can consistently knock down the trey, and does a great job off ball screens and getting to the cup. Add in a high basketball IQ, and the ability and willingness to find open men; you have a high major prospect. Oh yea, Russell gave the Rebels 26! Dayton Dunbar's William Green added 10 points.

All-Ohio Red-U-15 Division Champions

When All-Ohio Red forfeited their Friday night game due to a lack of players, you could have bet money they would have been heading home early. However, Red more than recovered from Friday night’s set back, and ran the table all the way to the tournament championship, where they got by IBA Select (45-49) in triple overtime to take home the belt. Once again, the standout performance of D’Angleo Russell was the difference. This time, Russell dropped a game-high 25 points to lead his team to the title.

D'Angelo Russell-2014

Congratulations to All-Ohio Red and their two championships on Sunday.  Also, props go out to Ohio Varsity and CBIZ for making deep tournament runs this weekend, and big ups to all of the Ohio-based teams who participated in the Spiece Run-N-Slam Classic this weekend, as you all represented the Buckeye State very well!  To see the pics I took on Sunday, visit the Buckeye Prep Facebook Fan Page.  Also, don't forget to follow us on twitter for up to date information about a whole range of topics.


  1. All Ohio RED 16U VS O.V. 1st Jack Giibbs did not have 26 pts... If the books said that, then it was the help of his father keeping the books!!! 2nd Jack Gibbs did not foul out.He was taken out because of his poor shoot selections and terrible defense. Thats all you could say about Keon Johnson? He dominated the OV. If it was stevie, You would have devoted a whole paragraph. You mention 6 players from OV and their scores and 2 from AOR... Seems you were ALSO disappointed in AOR victory. Game was more exciting than how you reported it... Your grade D-

  2. WOW! Really? You brought Stevie’s name in this argument! Most people around the state complain I only write about All-Ohio teams, and the All-Ohio people say I want other teams to win. Last year, an Ohio Varsity fan posted that I gave them no props and was showing All-Ohio love, this year, an All-Ohio guy flips the script with the oppisits. Which is it? I really can’t win. I try to be objective with what I write, as I wear multiple hats and I’m not afraid to tell it like I see it. I gave credit for Keon’s role in the comeback, listed his 16 points, and gave credit to 3 other players who had significant a impact in the game. I was more than fair in my opinion. On the real, people see what they want to see. From the outside, I pump up All-Ohio teams up, and from the All-Ohio guys, now I secretly root against them. I reported what was in the score book in terms of the point totals and fouls. The book had him for 5 fouls. Did Jack’s father fudge the fouls totals as well and give his son 5 fouls so he could sit down in the bigest game of the year? Really? If anybody who watched that game really really thinks the coach sat Gibbs down over a few bad shots with the game he was having, he is a fool! I tell you what; you write your version/recap of the game and post it in this same comment section you used to write that garbage. I’m sure my readers would love to read another, “more objective,” perspective. My website is dominated by All-Ohio related stories and pictures of their players and you have the nerve to post that crap! You have to get a life bruh, you are taking this stuff just a little too serious!!!!
    Rob T.

  3. Below is Kurt Stubb's write-up about the game. You might want to fill him in on the big conspiracy you uncovered. Seems like he saw/report abouth the same thing!!

    "The aforementioned semifinal game we featured heated rivals All-Ohio Red and All-Ohio Varsity. Red is more of the diva team, while All-Ohio Varsity is undersized but they come at you like a bunch of crazed dogs.

    Ohio Varsity was able to build up a 16-point lead behind guards Jack Gibbs and Randal “Poonie” Clarkson along with Deiondray Martin, Wendell Davis, Aaron Jackson, and Jaylen Benton, but Clarkson was knocked out of the game and later taken out on stretcher and Gibbs fouled out leaving the door open for a stunning Red triumphant comeback."

  4. Coach Howard All Ohio Red: Man who ever that guy was he dosn't represent us because he's talking out the side of his neck!! Rob you do a great job of covering all the Ohio teams and keep doing the good work you do. And for you guys that don't really no basketball at this level then just leave it alone and let this man do his work cause he ain't getting paid to cover you son and I bet you got one out there??? Grow up!! And just enjoy wat he's doing. Thanks Rob!!

  5. Man it is true that sometimes you just cannot win. Why? Why would Rob Taylor have anything to gain by being biased by either side? I mean really! He does not have a child playing for either side. When he did have a child that participated in these events I can personally attest to the fact that Rob was more critical of his son than anyone else. He knew that his son would have to perform at his best lest he be labelled as being a dad instead of a journalist. These attacks are ludicrous. Rob Taylor I applaud your efforts to report the basketball news as you do. Please continue to do so. Your work is tremendous.

    Coach Victor Dandridge

  6. As a parent I appreciate what Rob does on this site; I would like to see more coverage on assists and unselfish players. I don't have a kid in high school, but sometimes an unselfish/ good point guard makes his team mates look better. Don't forget them too. But it's all good, we love what Rob is doing, keepin it real.