Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Players In the Game (Ty Kish)

You may not know his face (pictured above), and you may not know his name (Ty Kish), but I bet money you know his work (some of the sweetest highlight videos in the country). Ty Kish, a 26 year old graduate of Monroe Middle School and Beechcroft High School in north Columbus, should be considered a central Ohio treasure for all of the exposure his highlight videos have given to central Ohio players.

Kish is not new to the central Ohio basketball scene as he, his brother and a friend were the co-founders of CityLeaguehoops.com back in 2004. After hackers broke into his website and damaged the site beyond repair, Kish had to shut down the website. Kish took a 2 year hiatus before feeling the itch to get back in the game. Still wanting to provide national exposure to central Ohio's elite players, in 2008, Kish started Cityleaguehoops.tv.com and created some of the sickest highlight videos on the world wide web. Its not about the money, as Kish does not charge any money for his videos, nor does he earn any money from the website. "I think Columbus has some of the top talent in the country. I just want to get exposure for Columbus kids," said Kish. "I want everyone to get a chance to see Columbus Basketball," offered Kish. Not only are his talents not generating income, Kish is not trying to land a a video coordinators job with a college program or looking to cash in on the videos, he simple enjoys being creative and watching each generation of hoopsters.

Ty has created some where around 300-400 highlight videos of some of the most heralded ballers in central Ohio hoops history. Players such as Estaban Weaver, Drew Lavender and Chris Quinn have all been featured in his videos, and most recently, Ty has created highlight videos of Jared Sullinger, J.D. Weatherspoon, Stevie Taylor and Trey Burke. I know for a fact that college coaches have seen Kish's videos which have also been featured on national recruiting websites such as Rivals and Scout. His videos have not only entertained thousands of hoops fans on the very popular You Tube website, but his videos have helped players get national exposure and college scholarship offers. In closing, as a word to the wise, if you see Ty Kish in the gym with his camera, you had better bring your "A game," as you are about to be seen by the world!
To see an example of his work click on the space below:

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