Monday, September 28, 2009

BPR Elite Showcase II 6th/7th Grade All-Stars

6th/7th Grade All-Star Teams: Isiah Jones, Asante Patterson, Mitchell Gardner, Chris Allocco, AJ Harris, Lamonte Stone Jr., Anthony Dockery, Marcus Dempsey, Kevin "Sticks" Fischer, Isaac Anderson, Trey Avery, Seth McCoy, Nate Fowler, Javeon Peterson, Macio Teague, Cameron Copeland, Sean Cook, Andrew Francesconi, Rashaad Ali-Shakir, Jalen Lewis and Jelani Rogers (DNP).

Top Five Award Winners: Isiah Jones, Nate Fowler, Macio Teague, Asante Patterson & Chris Allocco.

Top 6th Grader Awards: Anthony Dockery Marcus Dempsey and Rashaad Ali-Shakir.

Top Ten Performers: Isiah Jones, Chris Allocco, Nate Fowler, A.J. Harris, Asante Patterson, Mitchell Gardner, Lamonte Stone Jr., Marcus Dempsey, Anthony Dockery and Macio Teague.

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